Kim ana kaswende?

Kim Jong Un walks ni kama ana kaswende. I think Trump alimumwagia Novichok kwa mkono when they shook hands, alafu from the time the guy scratched his b*lls next, he has been walking ni kama ana kaswende. Just google the latest videos if you don’t believe me

Maybe He had banged a very tight Asian pussy.

Baba yake Kim Jong Il ndio alikua haweki ma movie stars and pop models wa asia. He used to bang them bila huruma na kumwaga ndani. Hata huyo kijana Kim aliua Malaysia Kim Jong Nam was his brother from a clande wa baba yake

Same thing with POTUS.

Kuna ule wa Indonesia, his name was Surkarno the sex addict. He wished to be buried inside a woman Puccie. He had 14 wifes.
They was a time KGB, tried to blackmail him, but he made a fool of them.
So it goes, Sukarno was flying to Moscow, and KGB planted spies as part of the airline crew. The spies had sex in the plane with Sukarno, which was well documented.
This was in the height of the cold war, and Russia was trying to get an upper hand in Indonesia.
When Sukarno was shown the tapes, of him banging some blonde women, he got so impressed, that he asked the KGB officials if he can take back the tapes with him to Indonesia. He said the people of Indonesia will be glad to see him in action.


Standards of morality are not similar. If Clinton was an African president, nobody would have cared about him banging Monica in the office. :D:D:D:D:D


KGB’s Failed Blackmail on former Indonesian president Sukarno

kgb’s failed operations
The first special services that trained the most sophisticated female spies trained to seduce men was Russia’s KGB. KGB was so good with their female spies that the Russian femme fatale spy became the archetype for the female spy in movies. Ever heard of Black Widow? You’re damn right, you heard.

A book about sex espionage and KGB was actually published years ago. A woman by the name Vera narrated the book’s story about KGB and how they enlisted beautiful Russian women, offering them the highest level of welfare benefits Soviet Russia can offer in exchange of offering their loyalty and patriotic spirit to Mother Russia by becoming KGB’s most prized sex spies. They were trained to divest all of their sense of shame and modesty, taught a myriad of sex techniques, and shown porn regularly. One of these KGB female spies’ most famous victim is the former Indonesian President Sukarno.

Sukarno was famous for his sexual fire, making him an easy target for the KGB. They sent a number of young women to escort him when he visited Moscow. The girls, who disguised as flight attendants, met Sukarno and were invited by the Indonesian statesman into his hotel room for a massive orgy. The orgy was shot by KGB using two video-recording cameras behind one-way mirrors. The scene was filmed, hook, line, and sinker. Sukarno was invited by the KGB, eventually, in a small movie theater and saw a video of his reality TV porn, which he apparently starred.

The whole plan turned into a pile of fail when Sukarno, instead of fearing for his career as a politician, enjoyed the film that he thought the movie was a gift to him by the Soviets. Sukarno asked for more copies of the video because he’s planning to have the movie shown in Indonesian theaters. Sukarno was so excited because he thought the Indonesian people will love seeing their President laying pipe on Russian women. This incident taught KGB the value of cultural intel and the fact that there’s a big chance that every man out there would actually brag about screwing Soviet snatch.

you mean the CIA would be interested in his meffi?

@Ice_Cube ushawai patwa na scandal kama hii?

aliambiana hekaya vile alikamua dem wa russian army officer

nakumbuka hiyo hekaya, ako na bahati hakuonyeshwa sex tape yake na wife wa wenyewe :D:D:D

kuna talker alikamua dem wa south africa and the bitch recorded their that

wrink priss :D:D:D:D

ile thread ya how far you have travelled for puthy

:D:eek::eek: paranoia from beginning to end

in russian they are called sparrows their body belong to the state, wame traniwa kukamuliwa HKM:D

I think there is a movie on such

inaitwa [SIZE=5]Red Sparrow[/SIZE]

jennifer Lawrence her acting was awesome thou alikamuliwa sana hii movie am sure she was paid poa sana

halafu uncle yake ni putin look alike

Hii movie iko on point