they have started the killing,they have killed one of their own in kisumu

Do you want to tell me someone entered KNH and killed a patient in cold blood? Eish…

And the so called safety drill at strathmore was a cover up for real alshabab attack?

Hiyo ya KNH is very scary

KNH attack must have been an assasination , huyo jamaa lazima alikuwa amekula Mali ya wenyewe

Considering he was a cancer patient, both God and man must have been after him

Ama alikuwa na mali na “wenyewe” wanataka kukula

Hiyo ya strath ilikuwa ujinga kapsaa

Hiyo ya KNH ,I thought for a second I was watching a movie, I think the murderers have watched too many movies pia, Mara shootings by people on a bike, Muchai’s murder and many other similar ones, all things that we would only see in movies, tukiendelea hivi, kuwatch movies itafanywa illegal ( in my dreams] .:cool::rolleyes:

Had the same funny feeling…the setting is as surreal as in the movies too. A deaf and dumb room mate,who might or might not have seen the attacker(s),murder happens just after the doc does his rounds…its true,we are watching too many movies. @Mrs4thletter

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lakini nilikuwa nasema kuhusu jaluo kuuwa mtu yao wakati ya uchanguzi ya ODM

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Hehehe butcher man ,we noticed,we ignored, thaa CIA guikia mahiga tinginyu wega hehe