killing without mercy


Alafu her mum decides to tell the truth ati oh ilikuwa tu vako…

How can a step father rape her mother?.
It means someone can rape his wife?. Africa is Paradise.

Hapa ni murder case

This is what Putin is trying to eradicate

legally, it is possible for someone to rape their wife.

In sodom of course

Never heard about it in our traditional set up.


Najua its hard to comprehend. When a female,I use this term loosely, says no to sex it means just that… If you feel obligated to do the deed because you can…thats rape. FYI, taking a lass for some horizontal refreshments while she’s drunk is also considered as rape . Key word here is consensual… but like you mentioned,‘tradition’, the archaic nature of it is waning so no doubt you are clueless

As a Respected African polygamist from the kenyan coast, I’ve never begged for sex from any of my customary married wives, wale nili lipa mahari in full bila ubishi then given full blessings. My clan elders will curse me if i experience such crap.

Sasa aende ndani as her mother swiftly moves on to ride the next dick from another stepdad.

In short it’s not rape because you paid for it.


tauren and @PHARMACY are both bottom faggots. One was sodomized while @PHARMACY is the son of a smelly whore


And here i am asking myself what backward traditions will do for me in the future… but seeing you flourishing in it is eye watering. Salimia wazee

That’s one crazy biatch…jamaa wa T-shirt ya white ameona amerudi kwa gari akaingia kwa hao(zile za uyu ni wazimu:D)she didn’t go far enough rapists and child molesters and wife beaters does the same treatment

the simple definition of rape is having “carnal knowledge” of someone without their consent.

Now think about it the honestly and objectively answer the question:- is is possible for a wife to rape her husband?