Killer Police Officer To Be ArraignedToday

A police officer is set to be arraigned on Thursday in connection with the murder of University of Leeds student Carilton David Maina in Kibera, Nairobi on December 22, 2018.

Police constable Emmanuel Ambunya Oyombe, who is attached at Kenyatta National Hospital, was arrested by DCI detectives on Wednesday following completion of an inquest into the death of the 23-year-old student.

The deceased’s love for football earned him a scholarship at the UK college soon after clearing his high school education at the Maseno School in 2013 where he emerged with an A plain.
The deceased was on long holiday and had returned to the country to visit his family.

His mother said he had come to Kenya to visit her to discuss his academics; a discussion they were supposed to have on December 22, 2018.

However, that was never to be, as the 23-year-old’s life came to a painful end as he was shot by police officers despite reports that he had surrendered.

He was shot by police officers on a Sunday Morning despite reports that he had surrendered; a case local residents termed as an extra judicial killing.

May he rot in prison, FFerking CUUNT

Ferking loathe popos !!

There’s a ferking difference between sentence and arraign.
That’s a boolshiet thread title.

Kusomewa Mashtaka.

Ndindu wewe ni baboon. Aty sentenced na ajawahi ata fkishwa kortini

Omwami anatafutwa na police si mtu clean

Hadi arsenal ilimhonour. Nilicheki a while back alikuwa honoured match day programme ya game flani ya arsenal.

Kijana was on his was kutoa family from poverty in less than 5 years but D- had other ideas.

if any police man or police woman dies …i will always celebrate ! … african police get drunk with power so quickly

And nothing will be done just a transfer to a more previated area

D material finally inapelekwa kortini,hope asiingie jela notorious ju ni kuni atalishwa:D:D

Mbwa atapandwa manyu mpaka aishe threads

I believe that was intentionally done out of malice. Ata Daudi aliuzwa na mabro zake juu ya kuwafichulia. Hii dunia inahitaji ukanyangie ujanjez yako yote. Bonobos have a knack for pure malice out of jealousy

Very sad