Killer Cop Still not Arrested

To date
This Killer Cop is still running loose

When will he be apprehended and charged with the Murder of Comrade Rexx Masai (RIP) …??

WHEN …???

They should send him to Haiti na waseme he is in prison, kwani hii serekali ya Lootall haina watu wanatumia akili. I can advise that thug chini ya maji asurvive for a long time .

Would you do the same if your child was killed in a similar manner? Would you advise your spouse to suggest the same if it was you that was shot in the back?

He wont survive…not under lootal. Dude leaves no loose ends. I feel sorry for any cop taking part in killings…they will all go. Remember those used by michuki? They were all dispatched to their maker.


Dying is a must, even you saint jesus if put in those killer cops shoes you can come out worse . We are all evil ni opportunity Tu umekosa . Don’t lecture me about right and wrong. If given the opportunity I can make sure 80% of the world population is terminated for a healthy globe

Desiyai wako untouchable

You sound like you need a shrink. Adios!!!


The Killer Cop responds to a Phone Call …!! :rage: :hotsprings:

Fools think all days are the same, but there is a time for everything. His day will come.

Yep …
The same happened to his good Pangani Squad friend , Sgt: Ahmed Rashid who was accused of killing Jamal Mohamed and Dahir Kheri.

ahmed rashid

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Arrested under which O.B number?

Who reported the guy?

You reported the guy on twitter or at a police station?

Cmon promote vaseline

Another One .:rage: :hotsprings:
Karen Police Station Commander , Purity Kobia


I want to be very sincere though I personally don’t support it. He will NEVER be accused. That’s what he was sent to do, infact he is waiting for a promotion.

Have you noticed that of late those killers are moving in expensive tinted convoys with fully covered faces?, well, it is a precaution to minimise kutambuliwa.
They have a target to meet before 30th of September.