Killer Booty 2

Amazing Booty … :fire: :fire:


Still smells like Shit, no exemption.




We don’t need to be killed. We just need to be mesmerized. This booty requires too much work.

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That’s why only Elders need apply … :grinning:

Liking obese women is like having a disease fetish. Seek help @rexxsimba

Okay, doesn’t change the Smell.

A Disease and a Fetish are 2 different things …
Those few in here who are of that opinion say “Aye” …!!! :grinning: :grinning:

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enda ona two girls one cup… you seem obsessed with shit

Fecal Obsessions seem quite common among the Juveniles in here … :smiley:

@slevyn , @rexxsimba .

Inflating the Price of twats since 1900.

Aye Aye Aye daktari…
truly a delicious meal to feast on for a week

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On that , we fully agree …:revolving_hearts::fire::fire:

Elders only partake of haute cuisine. Not this … whatever you call it.

Exactly …!!
This is the Fillet Mignon of Booty …:grin::revolving_hearts::fire::fire: