Killed by Club Owner

Mitch who was a patron in the club apparently exchanged words with the owner of the club who drew his gun and shot him to death. The incident which happened around am sparked riots in the town with the club being looted by angry residents.Mitch is a son to David Kibiti who is the Bungoma County Executive Committee member in charge of Education and ICT.

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[ATTACH=full]143039[/ATTACH] club ni gani,wapi .ilifanyika lini.habari nusu nusu ni ya nini?

Fala sana. The young boy died two years ago

Patia new villager kiti by opening healing wounds. Hio story ya Mitch ku uliwa by @uwesmake’s uncle juu ya kuma pale kimilili iliniuma sana. However it is very stale news that I think happened in 2012/2013.

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nimekuambia mara ngapi mimi sio rough neck

Kwani you can be shot to life.

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Signature is all plastered on the wall=Abaa.

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