Kill them

I have changed my views about policemen killing thugs. I say kill them.

On Saturday I was confronted by two thugs while heading to my bedsitter. They were two young boys walking just behind me and I walked casually knowing hawa wametoka ku watch worldcup tu. To cut a long story short, they tried mugging me but ile mbio nilitoka while screaming wacha tu. Polisi shoot anyone on sight with a cap and skinny jeans.

I am nursing muscle pain on my legs due to the running. Ni hayo tu.


Are you ashamed of screaming.An oldman screaming instead of facing his adversaries.:D:D

pole, sasa watakao tukimbiza bila cap, baggy baggy jeans hao ni sawa? kiulizio tu

I am not ashamed. I think that is what saved me. They didn’t chase me for long because my screaming would have alerted watchmen.

Street thugs have a way of dressing its what identifies them.

Ingia gym wakikuona tu wanakuwa wameonywa

You forgot the sore throat

Good idea.

Those could only be interested in just dipping,wetting,washing or greasing their g-stick


Am trying to put this statement into a motion picture:D:D:D

Terrible… So, how many people were shoot??


mami mami mwisi nakimbisa mimi

Basi nimekujua. You are @The.Black.Templar

vybz kartel gave that description a long time ago… seee these niggas run nigga run


Nope umenoa.Meanwhile am interrogating your MWK

Shauri are alone


Si were ndio ulikuwa unawatetea hapa:D:D:D:D