Kilimani mums live videos

While being idle i decided to check on this ladies who post live videos on facebook twerking or praising their lifestyles. After some research two out of six ladies had their numbers in an escort directory while four accepted cash for sex meetup after indirectly convincing them i’m a lavish man. my question is are those mums advertising themselves or what?

Nipe link mkubwa pia mimi nisafishe mecho

Efidense muhimu

You need help figuring this out?

Rudi huko uwaulize hio swali wakujibu. We are busy building canoes tusizame na hio mvua

4give hm. Sm ppl r generally slo

Linda Achieno

Lete evidence…Ama hii udaku pereka Kilimani Mums

Mimi nilirukia thread ingine @King popeye alitupa hapa, wenzangu nawambia hao wamama ni kunguru wote uzuri mimi nakamua yeye mpaka kwa ATM

Siku hizi kila dem Ni kunguru

mboy chaldi , Avoid such sites !

Even a kid can figure out that.

Someone wants to marry Linda Achieno. SMH

Ohh dear. wasted sperm

Hehehehe kwani wewe ni mgeni kwa internet?

hii kunguru iko ata hapa Ktalk.

That’s just a fisi who plans to dry fry her and then run to the woods.

She has a telegram channel too.

A DEADLY ONE! Things she does there wololo

rink mzitooo