Of late huku Kile there have been a lot of White elephants in the name of ghost properties that are sprung with the hope of attracting the so called expatriates. I see that they have fleed Kile seeing that the once leafy suburb is turning out to resemble Buruburu, with the flats that are cropping up and the rushed building construction.
Anyway, a friend of mine was seeking help kumarket his plots that ever since completion zimebaki ghost town tu.

What cab y’all advice him wanakijiji?

Born and raised in the cool, leafy Mwingi Road, the chirps of birds was all I ever heard…Kileleshwa looks like shit now.

advice: weka mbisha ama urudi zuckerberg

Apunguze bei, it’s a no brainer really

aweke reasonable price. If the neighborhood has been desecrated his prices should reflect that.

Patience …

Some of the property being put up in Nairobi will require more than patience to flip. Nyumba inakaa kama kiota ya ndege in a quasi slum and the owner is asking for top dollar. Upus tuu.

Aweke iwe time share na amarket kwa wamama wa chama. Thank me later.

Kile, hurli and lavi are no longer places of prestige to live in. To me they are just convinient places, within the city.
So many flats in the name of apartments, all glory lost.
There are a couple nice buildings though, well planned and all.
Nikipata a good wave of cash I want to get one of those flats close to the mosque opposite d.o.d.

subira pia muhimu asiwe na pupa

They are close to the city centre that’s why.

There’s no way land so close to the city will ever depreciate…with or without Ambiance.

That statement is true in Kenya but not other countries that have experienced urban decay.

What about when the city moves to konza? Hence the slow subotarge of the said project.

I agree with washikadau.

Most houses in Kile are overpriced. Why would I pay 75k for an old 3 bedroom apartment when I can get much newer ones with better finishing on Gitanga or Kilimani?

People come to view then take off once they hear about the price.

In hurlingham old residential buildings are being transformed into commercial buildings. So property prices are ridiculous. So it’s become a small city center. Lavington is still largely residential although moved from single family housing to apartments.

And you ask why Runda residents are committed to limiting building heights…