Kila mtu apewe yake.

Patience is running out. People spot WSR and all over suddenly their problems overwhelms them, next time, let politicians campaign on a platform of strengthening our institutions to avoid embarrassing moments like this.
I mean, Mama Rachel, a woman i respect, can’t and won’t solve people’s personal problems.


That woman has a loud voice. He is overshadowing the speakers.

handouts nation is built on quicksand

Ruto is from the KANU era. He doesn’t know any other style of leadership other than what Moi taught him. He desires complete power even in judiciary and legislature. That is why he chose a deputy similarly well versed in Nyayo politics.

Afadhali angejifunza na Kibaki. NTV and citizen can’t wait for him to start amassing wealth.

Actually , the man wants to Lord over all institutions, devolution is under Gachagua now, a man who minted billions working with the counties.

Ojinga. hii ni serikali ya wanyonge. Wewe na kelele zako hakuna chenye mnasema

Serikali ya wanyonge na jana alishinda aki launch Uhuru housing projects?:D:D

You do realize he’s full of shít when he says ati he found a broke govt… Ruto was the govt !! Ni nini hakuwa anajua?

But he can steal Raila’s idea and just give people that 6k a month. It was a good idea. All developed countries give poor people something directly. There’s no harm done.

Hakuna wanaume kenya wanaeza mwambia Gachagua akipita mipaka? Labda wakenya wanadeserve kuibiwa. Watu 50 million hawafai kusumbuliwa na wanasiasa wachache.

This katiba is ruthless. It does not envisage a powerful president or a president who interrupts or interferes with devolution.

If Ruto wants peace he should just devolve the remaining dockets e.g water, agriculture, trade. If he tries to bring back power to the center to statehouse he will face the same problems Uhuru faced.

The man started by befriending the courts, wonder how that will work

This happens everywhere, hata wewe ukienda ocha kuna mtu atakuona aone akuambie mashida zake zote na vile utamsaidia na pesa

Enzi za huyu Githee uliona hizo drama how many times ? He one’s asked, ’ unatuambia shida zako ili tufanye nini ? ’ .
The masses will tag along with the tone set by head of state, and Ruto decided to be a handout President together with his DP.