Kila Mtu Alipe Ushuru

We can’t only be 7 Million KRA pin holders, half of which file nill taxes yet there are 17M Mpesa active account holders.
Mimi PAYE nanyoroshwa vibaya kila mtu pia alipe ushuru.

fwack the government… taxes should be abolished

Mimi niko na cyber mbili nime-operate for the past decade na mi hu-file NIL kila mwaka without fail. As far as I’m concerned nikishalipa kanjo tumemalizana na thirikari. Wakianza kutumia MPESA kutufuata tutarudia tu cash-based economy, it ain’t that hard. Hata hizo paybill na till numbers, agents wa Safaricom hukuja kuni-register nawaambia wakanyage kubwa kubwa.

Mimi kama rustler I believe niko exempt from paying taxes. Otherwise wanitafute … coz I ene’ paying fuck all.

Stupid cyber boy aliniwekea VAT kwa personal pin KRA nadai mimi 10M sasa

Kaa ngumu

:D:Dwacha wakupigie back taxes ya 2 mirrions plus penalty… utajikuta shimo la tewa… kwana inaka ruto ataweka meno refu huko

Next time you get a job, esp in a start-up, try and negotiate for a consultancy contract. Pay 5% withholding and go your merry way.

Works each time an employer is not meeting my desired salary range. Target yake ndio inakuwa my salo less 5%

Tutajoin Tabitha wa Keroche tuseme srikal inatuonea.

Kuna ‘wahindi na waarabu’ vichwa ngumu hii mnaeza sumbuana nao.

Actually, at one time I managed to pull this kwa muhindi mkubwa sana. I’m the only "business consultant’’

It was either that or he pays me my desired net salo.

Riggy G anamake sense.


Go to your home district KRA office watakusaidia. Ukienda times tower ole wako.

We are honorable men, kra should talk to us nicely

5% Withholding income tax is not final tax… You are expected to declare and pay the balance of tax at the end of the year.

On this Ruto is very right


Then allow drinking 24/7 to boost sales.

good luck convincing people especially the youths when 2 mbirrions is stolen daily

So you want African spirits wamwage their kumi kumi in central wamalize vijana and make them impotent? Sometimes when you find that a company is destroying the youth and you cant legally cancel their license you use tax maneno to stop them from finishing the youth.