Kila mtu akae kwao na ale kwao


This is realpolitik.

His points are very very valid. Uhuru told them wakasema hawapangwingwi.

I support the MP. Bonobos from arid regions have filled their kids in Alliance, Mangu, Limuru Girls etc.Their kids get 100% bursary but our Kikuyu kids get nothing. Kitaeleweka!!!

By the way there are no or very few Kikuyu kids in those arid regions.

We had a golden opportunity to address these issues when Uhuru was at the helm, the coming referendum will come attached with the issue of Presidential term limit.
Mt. Kenya will want one shilling, one vote, one man, and RV will want the Term limit addressed.

It’s very bad actually. A community struggles to build a school and equip it well.

Then the ministry swoops in and declares the school a “national” and imposes a quota system, to take children from all over the country.

Kwanza Kiambu karibu every major school is “national”…

Slippery slope what he is espousing. That quota system that was introduced by Moi was meant to try and give advantage to his Kalenjin kinsmen.

Let the best and brightest go to the best schools anywhere in the country. Our politics is already way too toxic with tribalism. Let us not extend this to education to the same level.

These bonobos had a chance which they threw away for some reason! Those who were in the other camp will now have a chance to throw away whatever you are going to propose…

His sentiments sound reasonable to me. The way he’s talking…, perhaps that’s not very nicely.

1k bursary because of the numbers. Isn’t there an MCA from kiambu who was elected by over 250k votes, MCA tu

That’s what I am talking about Guka. Let those nugus go back and build schools in their regions.

MTU asomee kwao muthafakas

Let it be one man one shilling

Both you and that guka are glaring examples that wisdom does not always accompany age.

In reciprocity, what is to stop it at “kusoma”. Let it also apply equally to, “Kila MTU akae kwao”.

This should also apply to kikuyu teachers, once job openings are full in your county. No employment elsewhere!

Ngombe za baboon mbona chuki, ukabila mingi hivi na kuuma ndimu everytime? Even time isn’t healing your broken bovine hearts tangu baboon kushindwa

We should make all public secondary and primary schools day schools so that students study from their home counties. And we should also devolve primary and secondary school infrastructure. Let each community be in charge of their own development.

C’mon you mungichs, most of the mentioned schools were built by your white masters. How can you claim what was built by your colonisers? Are you okay upstairs? Do you have a BSc degree? Kindly inject some knowledge into that oblong head of yours. SHENZI!

Uko kwa wazungu kwa nini kama kwenu iko kila kitu