Kikuyus takeover of Banking, Supermarkets, Hardware and pharmacy business.

Why are my friends from central great at this, mpaka hapa western

It’s called kikuyu privilege. The government gives us cash every month. We also don’t pay rent, taxes, and licenses. With such perks, only a fool would fail in business.

Go to Kimilili ,Lwakhakha,Chwele and Chebkube …Bukusu outposts whose economies are held together by the Kikuyu…controversy aside ,Kikuyus are very enterprises . For this I love them!

Brathe osungu sio kidomo chako


:D:D:D…yani hata hauna huruma vile umerudishia mujamaa?

Eldy izo ni preserve ya muhindi

rephrase your title to ‘kikuyu elites’…

We are good and I believe other tribes can wakiacha ujinga.

My experience downtown is that wariah are taking over. Almost all of the electronic businesses in luthuli are theirs and was surprised they have started making inroads in kirinyaga road. Also around the Jamia area and Moi Avenue. I remember in the 90s it was only muhindis in luthuli. The big eateries in town like CJ’s are also somali. Eastleigh has become another CBD.

Warias are taking over big time.Their spirit of togetherness is stronger than the enterprising Kikuyus.A Waria can win a tender and if he doesnt have enough cash,he will bring on board a relative eg a bro or sister in law who is loaded and they will make it happen.They are slowly dominating the long distance transport businesses and retail petroleum businesses outside Nairobi.Infact,almost all eateries and petrol stations in towns like Narok,Naks,Oyugis,Maungu,Ndii,Salama etc are Somali owned.Somalis wanajua PR.If a Somali guy cant buy you out,he will talk you into a partnership.Generously.A Somali guy will open a pharma company and employ reps and pay them multinational rates as long as numbers come in.
Jarruos on the other hand bana,togetherness zero.Everyone looks at you like a potential competition.Including blood brothers.Infact,they will support you as long as you dont overtake them.
In these days,the kind of friends that one makes and keeps is very important.Several SMEs these days are formed by like minded friends across ethnicities.

[SIZE=4]Hawajafika ukambani, wako lakini as far as I know bado all the major Banking, Supermarkets, Hardware and pharmacy pale ukambani are still run by locals… so issue si kikuyu, issue is what is wrong with luyhas???[/SIZE]

By the way,miuona akina mullei 's supermarkets with lots of admiration.Kuna siku niliona they advertised for roles of category managers thru a recruiting agency.Ndio tu wajue the importance of a category manager ina retail set up speaks volumes about the kind of professionalism involved in running the chain.Also,the fact that they have branches all over Ukambani shows that the cartel like behaviour of other retail industry players in Nairobi has locked them out.Used to think Kaos are good in tyre business only but I was wrong.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Ile siku mtawacha ukabila…

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]You were also wrong in brutalising that duck billed pilot bro :smiley: :smiley:

Nilisoma story ingine interesting ya Bluebird Aviation which is based in Wilson Airport.The company was started by two Somali partners.They had only two planes,but business was low.They met a Somali guy who had serious connections with the Maua Miraa sellers.This Somali guy was the broker between the Merus and Mogadishu and Hargeisa where Miraa was being taken.So what did the Bluebird guys do?They brought this broker on board their business and gave him 25% shareholding of Bluebird aviation as long as he brings Miraa Cargo transport business to Bluebird and lock out akina Phoenix Aviation and Bush Air Safaris.Jamaa alileta business and the number of planes grew from 2 to the current 21.They specialize in cargo logistics across East Africa.
This story made it to the press because the 25% shareholder wanted more control of the company.He felt that the other shareholders are making more money than him and keeping him in the dark.It also shows the extent to which Somalis are willing to go to make a business/deal go thru.

Wacha kukojolea thread swaffe ghassia

Taz evasion, backdoor importation?

Great observation.
Not only jarruos, but many of the Kenyans have this sick behavior. A very few number will be willing to lift up even the needy without asking for something in return. Save for politicians who’ll hand out 50s and 100s. Of course in return for votes.
Domination is a preserve of the unified both in ideology and relation.

Everyone does that,even to a greater extent if fueled by Kikuyu privilege.Kikuyu Pharmacists are even doing parallel importation of multinational pharmaceutical products right under the nose of PPB.