Kikuyus Ruto Amewaramba


The kikuyu community is the most dominant economically and politically in Kenya, having produced three presidents out of the four past Kenyan presidents.

Late president Daniel Arap Moi sneaked through under their noses to become president. He immediately started a systematic purge of the kikuyu elite and their businesses to clip their wings and dominance

It took a combined force and struggle by the opposition to change the constitution and send Moi to retirement, otherwise president Moi would have died in power.

While Moi was retiring, he left behind one of his best apprentice, the current president William Ruto, who just like Moi knows in order to ascend to power he must break down the kikuyu stranglehold on power.

As a matter of fact all Ruto’s scheming, machinations and strategies is 100% focused on Kikuyus, he can only succeed in his quest if he manages to dismantle the kikuyu hegemony by disorganising them politically and economically.

In a stroke of genius he ensured in the Kenya Kwanza hierarchy there is no strong kikuyu political party negotiating with him and holding him to account