Kikuyus Contribute 33.3% Of Kenya's Taxes, The Other 42 Tribes 33.3%, Foreigners Companies 33.3%

Ndindu nini unasema hapa juu sijakuelewa pris

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The Bible, @messiahette favorite book likes to say that Number 40 is a devine number. Jesus fasting for 40 days, Noah steering his boat for 40 Days & 40 Nights, Moses freeing Chosen pests and wandering in the Sinai Desert for 40 Years. So tutaseka for the next 40 years until 2061 or 2062 counting from 2022

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Source of your wild unsubstantiated allegation?

The number that I believe huwa na miracles ni number seven.

Sir …
Respectfully …
This is where I part company with established Mainstream Religious Faiths …

The emphasis always seems centered on culture , customs , traditions , racism , mysoginy , dogma , creeds , imaginations , regimentation , compartmentalization , untruths , entitlement and exclusivity …

I prefer my lonely , simpler path towards self awareness , discovery and spirituality … :blush:

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Tax is paid by all Kenyans collectively, I pay VAT, PAYE, HL, NHIF. NSSF, Exercise duty, Tourism levy, Road Levy, Fuel Levy, Forex Adjustment Levy just like everybody else, hizo biashara hazitalipa tax kama hatutanunua bithaa and they can’t claim to pay more taxes than us because at the end of the day they pass that tax to us and they claim input VAT from their products. Kikuyus are loathed because of their sense of entitlement. 2007 mulikunja mkia and Kales are still shafting you since they discovered you guys are cowards so usituletee. Hii Kenya ni ya sisi wote, ALAH!


Hakuna mtu anakataa hiyo. But my percentages are there to invoke emotions. Ni uchochezi. I like it when clowns get worked up on an anonymous forums. I read the comments with tears streaming down my face.


I got ya’!

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I saw this a long time back and tried to reason with @Finest_wine @Circledot @ranny . It was even in my congratulations to Ruto as a warning.
Who would’ve thought that this happens so early.

What the community needs to do is to call itself to a meeting. And retrace where things went south, including the rampant backstabbing and lust for money/power. It was just two years back that Uhuru was being vilified and the community was calling itself ‘forward thinking’ for getting rid of kingpin politics.
Seems some lessons need learning the hard way.

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Buda don’t feed on that @messiahette crap Kuna big number of kikuyus eating life with the big spoon so yao 40yrs ilianza lini ama bado haijaanza . That lie of choose tribe is bull crap

The superiority complex in some tribes wacha tu. They stopped doing census per tribe coz they knew Luhya’s had overtaken them in population now they use counties. Even in business there will be a rude awakening soon as the other tribes realize they can also leverage their votes.

Halafu wakuje downtown nyamakima

Aha, now I inderstand where your rabid support for Israel comes from. Enyewe the need to feel special can lead one to conjure up beLIEfs in very unlikely scenarios. Funny thing about it is you feel superior to others but at the same time you perceive yourself as a victim. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Jibambe bro. Your input as always is entertaining.

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Chosen pests mkuu vile huwa unaita peace loving Jews