Kikuyus Contribute 33.3% Of Kenya's Taxes, The Other 42 Tribes 33.3%, Foreigners Companies 33.3%

Blunt but that is the bitter truth.


That is why we are loathed.


And ofcourse if someone asks you to provide your source you will point up your arse. Stop giving us stereotypes as narrated by your grandmas…on such we only deal with facts


Kwa hiyo 33.3%, contribution yako ni ngapi? Jifunze kusema mimi, sio sisi, sawa?

These stupid shiny eyes want to associate themselves with akina James Mwangi, and Ndegwas while themselves are bottom of the barrel trash as individuals.

Vile somalis want to associate themselves with arabs.


This chart is not even related to economics. You just wanted to force a point.


Hesabu biashara za wakikuyu ukianza na Equity bank, Royal Media. Then enda kwa Matatus, then enda kwa Landlords. The list is endless.

Chosen Tribe ya Kenya

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You can’t make reckless statements like this and go unpunished.

This guy should be arrested and jailed for incitement.


Si mrudi Congo forest, tuone kama tutakufa

Incitement gani? Mkiambiwa ukweli inakwa incitement?

KIKUYUS ALSO BROUGHT KENYA’S Indepence that Sungoi thief is trying to abuse by licking Biden’s ASS

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I have submitted a screenshot of your incitement to the authorities.

Hopefully they can send you to KODIAGA maximum prison…


Nigga plss

Always suspected u had jigger infested brain

Without MauMau bado tungekuwa kwa concentration camp. Bow down to Kimathi and Waruhiu Itote for setting you free

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Mnalia nini na ni nyinyi mlipigia jambazi kura you retarded fools.

Mtu anasema atadeal na nyinyi akitafuta serikali kwanza na alipinga one man one vote one shilling halafu mnampigia kura like the idiots you are.

Mimi ni Msapere and I would argue that Kikuyus are the dumbest tribe in Kenya because they voted for someone who was against their interests from the word go.


By your own accounts u deserve to go back to concentration camps juu huna akili

Mimi pia I think kukuyus should be shafted properly, how can an outsider(Ruto) come and tell them that your own (uhuru) ni Mmbaya . And the fckn tugeges believe that sht. And they vote to punish their own .

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Ruto we need some justice please. Dont spare them kyuks. Finya hao kabisa Finya Gasagwa!!

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@Ndindu Babyboy wewe Uniangusha Matime Maze… The Rate at which you have been Exemplifying on Your Mediocrity is really Concerning and Unsettling…


One big problem with Kikuyus is they don’t know who they are or what makes them unique. But the devil knows, because he has kept track of the Jew seed from the very beginning of time. If you’re a royal seed of Abraham living anywhere on planet Earth, Satan knows that and you’re always going to be a marked entity. See, everything is spiritual.

I maintain my belief that Kikuyus are one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel, specifically from the tribe of Asher.

During the tribulation, 12,000 people from each of the 12 tribes will shake this earth. That’s the Bible. To get to that point though will require severe persecution.

That’s where Ruto (a type of Hitler/Herod/Pharaoh) and his tyrannical government comes in.

It has come to this point in order for Kikuyus to wake up and cry to their God on the holy mountain. God lives on mountains and that’s why Kikuyus by revelation have always prayed facing Mt Kenya. However, God cannot use you when you still have your earthly titles, tribal prestige, wealth and all that. You must be stripped of everything until you get to desperation, that’s where God steps in. Moses was raised in an Egyptian palace for 40 years, but it took him another 40 years of living in the wilderness to get that Egyptian training out of him. That’s when God knew that he was ready for the job of liberating the Hebrews.

Kikuyu Jews are waking up and that’s a good thing. I speak under divine discernment because of what lies ahead. Now’s the time to prepare!!

Proverbs 29:18. Where there is no vision, the people perish

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1963 -2002 was 39 Years, Was it part of the unique Number 40. On the 40th Year Mwene Nyaga liberated Kikuyus from Pharaoh Moi?

So now tutateseka mpaka 2061 August ndio tumee akili ama?

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You just want to provoke elders.

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