Kikuyu vote.

When Uhuru decided to work with Raila many Kikuyus felt betrayed. Because it was Uhuru who had told them to vote twice in order to make sure Raila doesn’t become president. He didn’t become president but he has enough influence in the government that ODM can mock Jubilee voters.
What was the point of voting?
That was early 2018. We accepted tumechezwa and moved on.
Then things started getting harder with Daily Nation printing acres and acres of businesses and individuals getting auctioned.
It was around the same time the government started making it harder for merchandisers to import the commodities they sell. Nyamakima traders started eating losses as their imports were trapped at the customs.
2019 came and Daily Nation was still publishing pages of auctions. Towards the end of 2019 bam! Corona came.
I remember very well Kenyans urging Uhuru to lock down the country in January and February 2020 to keep the virus away. Nope. After the virus was detected then lockdowns and curfews came and businesses like restaurant and bars were shut down.
Kikuyus who mostly prefer self employment were deeply hurt by all these.
To express their anger they are voting for candidates that are not affiliated with Uhuru in the by-elections.
It is possible that Kikuyu will not vote for Ruto at 96% rate like they did for Uhuru. But Ruto has deep connections in Kisii, Maasaini, Northern Kenya among pastoralists, and in Kalenjin.

Waaah, tangu 10.59 am hakuna political pundits wamechangamkia hii thread? Si ungepost tu Twitter ama Tik Tok jameni?

Hii fala ya 20k inadhani Ruto atamchangia pesa ya Christmas

Good analysis. Uhuru distanced himself from common mwananchi. Couple that with the fact that the economy is doing very badly. People are very bitter. Ruto alinyakua na akakimbia. He played his cards well.

If you ever want to lose Kikuyu votes finyilia their source of income. And this is what Uhuru did. Bedding Jakuon did Uhuru no favours either…
Who really is WSR’s competitor so far? hmmmmm!

Ouru ni mitoto ya mbwa