Kikuyu malaya wangapi? Mmesalimiana na Governor,,

Huyo akifunga kilemba na avae nguo ndefu. @MTINGIZA_KITANDA atalipia yeye rent halafu akuje kutangazia watu hapa vile alifanya lifetime investment in a blackhole which sucks his resources.


Men and women are polar opposites. A low status woman like this hoe has had sex with a high status man - a governor. There is a 90% chance that she is telling the truth. More than half of all women have been fucked by some rich/influential guy at some point and that’s the story they live to tell. You will never see a woman on camera admitting that she got fucked by a loser like @Nesta_Trouble . Usually they tell these stories after hitting the proverbial wall as a way of “bragging” about their youth.

On the other hand, very few men have fucked female celebs or bitchez with online clout like IG. Why? Women fuck up so such women usually price themselves out from average men - generally.

What I mean is that the hoe at Sabina joy has a much higher chance of getting screwed by the president, than you (a middle class decent man) have of fucking some hot news anchor or something.

The difference in status between you and the hot news anchor is very small. In fact, you may even out-earn her financially but her influence is massive. On the other hand, the difference in status between the president and the Sabina Joy hoe is very large. Yet, that hoe has a higher chance of getting smashed than you have of smashing the influential hot bitch.

Women can fuck above socioeconomic ladders easily. Men can’t. It’s easier for a woman to fuck 5 levels above her own status than it is for a man to screw just one level above his own status.

If you are low on the socioeconomic ladder as a man, you are screwed. You won’t get any meaningful action and even when you do, every other man is credible competition.


You wrote alot of bull but i guess it’s your youth exhibiting…kuma ni kuma ni kuma…but somethings you only understand with age…wacha kukaa apa ukichocha ni kama kuna kuma ya gorofa unatomba ground floor alafu unaenda first floor unapata iko tighter


Sometime Just Take Your Ample Time to Read and then Digest the Information Slowly… Hii Mouth Diarrhea Haisaidii…


Malizia sisi huyo konokono kabiza.

Na mkubwa ile thru pass ya nax kuliendaje?

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Please niambie ni mimi una target na i takataka niende nikalie…mbwaaaa

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Sikufuata. Mfuko Iko ICU si u know libido Iko Kwa Chini kasiafu kama Huna kasamthing Kwa pocket.


@MTINGIZA_KITANDA ni mtoto wa malaya so hapo atakuwa sawa


90% ya lanye wa rifarodi ni shiny eyes

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This is very true. It is always about men not being classist and are able to fuck anything that allows them than women being able to fuck above their social class. Here the credit goes to men for not being classist. Period.


Summary priss unless unaandika insha ya kcpe

Mkubwa hapa uliniangusha. Na vile nilitengeneza ground. Nilikuwekea foundation to engineering approval, nikaweka footing to structural engineer approval, Kisha nikakuwekea BRC reinforced slab to QS specs.

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@MTINGIZA_KITANDA is a low self esteem bonobo.
Nikilipia malaya siwezi tangaza

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She once had a governor as a client, fucked him extra good, made him scream, made him feel like a youngin’ again. Got paid really well, but due to her youth and lack of foresight she spend all her money on clothes and expensive liquor. She was quite proud of the money she had made because it was hers, that she got by herself and her own efforts, and she quite liked that.
Honestly, good for her. We all make stupid money decisions, but I’m happy she felt financially emancipated, albeit temporarily. It’s a feeling not many get to have.


Kumamamako wewe…


How the mighty have fallen at the Alter of Female Thighs …:smile::fire:

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Kingi alimwaga pesa zote za county kupeleka kunguru allover the world :rofl:

Ukinitag kwa kitu unaandika summary. Sawa kipii? Sina time ya kusoma paragraph ndefu za kishoga.