Kikuyu language

Who knows where i can learn kikuyu. At a fair cost.
Its becoming embarrassing at my age

Tha fuck nucca. How bout some mandarin, Latin … shit like dat.

Uliza Mariga Thoithi he wrote about it.

learn french or spanish if you want to expand your world view e.g did you know that
Linda means “beautiful”
Casa Nova means “new house”
Casa Blanca means “white house”
September, October, November, December are derived from latin for 7, 8, 9 and 10 respectively, makes you wonder why they are off by 2

also you will discover swahili words derived from latin that you would never have known since they don’t exist in english

and many other things we take for granted can be understood deeper by learning a latin language

kikuyu is a shithole language, it will only help to make you more stupid than you already are

If you dont know Kikuyu, then you probably didnt grow up a rural setting or you didnt need to know it to communicate when you were growing up. Why does it bother you now to the extent that you need to learn it? Have you moved to a rural setting?

Do you want to be a mungich
member come 2022?
thank me later

This post is full of tribal bigots whose hearts are filled with hatred.

Why would anyone be proud about knowing a foreign language before their mother tongue? Just proves you’re a bonobo.

kikuyu is a shithole language, no it’s not. You’re just salty that you speak broken kikuyu I.e kikamba

Mkamba wacha chuki. Not everybody is suffering from inferiority complex like you. Who said european languages are superior

Oh yea mandarin, wait, Does your father jerk off using a latin dildo or something? Why you so bitter man?

What can learning Kikuyu teach you about this world if you already speak another bantu language (swahili), it’s like the way a Spanish speaker gains almost nothing from learning Italian… and yes, kikuyu is a shithole language you can take it or leave it but facts are facts… for example every woman who speaks kikuyu or with a kikuyu accent sounds like a prostitute or bar woman to me, I just cant take them seriously

But that is just my very personal opinion which I should probably not be sharing publicity, OP is free to learn kikuyu if it makes them happy, it is his life to live

Most kamba men cannot stand kikuyu. I don’t know where they got that massive inferiority complex from. Like this fucker here, he finds it so hard to mask his stupidity and small-mindedness. He sounds very bitter you wonder what happened to him, maybe his wife ran off with a kikuyu.

you are wrong again, there are many kambas who like kikuyu people, personally I have many kikuyu close real family members (who don’t speak the language) so… like I said about the language those are just facts according to my very well educated opinion otherwise, most of my kenyan non-kamba friends are kikuyus and we have done many big things together,

hope I didn’t hurt your feelings earlier, you can feel better now brother :smiley:

Going by your statement, you have called ALL kikuyu women and mothers prostitutes. And you call that an educated opinion?

What is the problem of learning another Kenyan language? “Africans were brained washed to hate their culture and fellow Africans”.

Africa is a failed continent, the more we embrace it, the more we lag behind… countries that were quick to adopt western education and technology have thrived such as the asian giants you all know very well … it is better to swallow the bitter pill and join the rest of the world.

We should take african languages and culture behind the shed and shoot them dead

As in someone just wanted to be directed to where he can learn kikuyu and the petty vindictiveness powered by inferiority complex had to be manifested. SMH ‍♀️

Stop exposing your mountain of ignorance. It is embarrassing. First of all, what is western education? Secondly, except Singapore, no other so called Asian giants uses European language in their education system. These countries do not use european language in their education: South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand and Japan