Kikuyu kalenjins elite exploitation


Neo-colonialism is simply a system where the imperial capitalist North controls the world through a rigged system; in it the minority controls the majority through a set of rules and institutions that the small minority sustains through bribery, manipulation, rigging, use of of foŕce, intimidation etc. Just like a small number of Kikuyu and Kalenjin elite use the rules and institutions to dominate the rest of the Kenyan population through bribery of the vocal members of the other ethnic groups, neo-colonialism continues to deprive, oppress the rest of the world, pervert rules in their favour and to exploit the rest of the world economically (DOPE system) in favour of the super-rich and powerful minority in their countries.

The minority Kalenjin and Kikuyu ethnic elite , who may not number more than 1,000 have convinced their populations that its their time to eat perpetually. And they extend favours to Kalenjin and Kikuyu elites by appointing them to plum positions and giving them big tenders (tenderpreneurship), do big projects in their backyards using borrowed billions and the taxes of all Kenyans… this then makes the GEMA and Kalenjin masses to vote with zeal to sustain the ethnic system of discrimination and preferential treatment.

To manipulate the rest of Kenya, they make Wetangula Speaker of The National but reserve the ministry of infrastructure for Murkomen. Chirchir to energy, the Treasury PS, who is the PS of all PSs is reserved for the man from the Presidents Community. Musalia is allocated to some portfolio without Parastatals.

So Luyhas are given sports, Kambas handed tourism, a Kisii education, a Giriama is made Speaker for Senate. Note that the rest are given ministries without the big money tenders. The big money tender ministries are reserved for a Kalenjin or a Kikuyu. So that the Parastatals there do big project tenders, make billions so that they can buy out polit8cians from across the country in 2027. In 2032, Riggy G will become President with ease. And my Friend Murkomen there after.

Like we have 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, the Kenyan Priviledge Council has three permanent members. The Somali-Kenyans have bought the seat in the Council. The rest of us have to crawl and prostrate to even supply water to government offices.

What the Permanent members of the privilege Council have done is to profile Luos like the Americans and the Europeans have profiled Arabs and Muslims. This internal neocolonialism in Kenya is the Kenyan national problem. Like there are good Arabs who do not need democracy, and bad Arabs who need democracy, the permanent members have profiled and classified Luos as bad Luos and good Luos.

Note that Kikuyu and kalenjin friends, (except for a very tiny conscious few like Maina Kiai, Wandia Njoya, Tirop Kitur), do not condemn this system of discrimination. The majority only tell you that we are generalising that Kikuyus and Kalenjins benefit from the ethnic system of oppression. They tell you that Kikuyus and Kalenjins work hard for their education, appointments and wealth. And that there are many Kikuyus and kalenjins who are poor like poor Giriamas, poor Luos, poor Boranas etc. But the evidence from government records show that Kiambu is the richest and Turkana the poorest.

And so the systemic discrimination and the structural violence continues.

So to avoid having this conversation, we just create a narrative which describes Kenya’s problem as Raila who does not accept results. Make it a personalized problem… Raila and his Luos. Just isolate the Luos, coopt a few deal violently with Luos like America deals with Arabs and Muslims everywhere in the world to show the rest of us what will happen to us if we join the Luos.

In this ethnic elite system of domination and exploitation of taxes and borrowed monies, we recruit a few non-permanent Security Council members to give legitimacy, a semblance of legitimacy to the system. But note in this cooperation, we are made board chairmen and the permanent members are made the CEOs.


Well put. It’s been a while since I read a sensible expression in the internet.

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