Surely Kiyuks hii ni mambo gani? You want to deforest Kitui and when you are stopped you release a hate song? You people acheni hii, if today other tribes evict you from non kiyuk areas , you are the group to suffer most from this negative ethnicity. Kikiumana Unye mwenye anawatia kiburi wont come to your aid. Slashing peoples tyres of Waiyaki road because you’re deterred from deforesting not even your own county but in Kitui. Alafu mutasema watu wanawachukia, apana my frens, abwena momenere. You make the bed but remember that it is YOU who will lie in it.

Ur just dumb, u think ejecting kiuks will make ur life better? Hiyo wimbo iko on point, Kutoka enzi za wakoloni kamba ya mbuzi ni ngiite

Wimbo ndio huyu

Tuliiskia kitambo sana


Just return to Kikuyu land oops your tingod STOLE all your land thats why you’re all over the place. Anyway, am blocking you.Bitch ni mamako.Im not taking insults from anybody for speaking the truth.

Stupid son

Yes. less thieves around. we will be safer.

Ati season ya maembe inaenda kuisha, chakula iishe wakamba watarudikula umbwa na nyoni(birds) and calling Kambas arogi aya murokoma- die you witches…ikamba ni ado a toho … kambas are useless people.

What the hell is wrong with you people because Kitui has said no to being deforested by outsiders. Kitui is already an ASAL sasa you want to destroy the few trees they have to make money. This is tantamount to raping a very sick woman. Aki nyinyi sio bure munachukiwa. Your tingod want to exploit an entire country when he already owns half the country for his benefit now you’re just following his footsteps to exploit a poor,water scarce county. Hizo maprobox zenu zichomwe kuchomwa. I never used to understand hii chuki in RV,in Coast,in Narok, in 2007 lakini now I get it, Kiyuks feel theyre better than other Kenyans and want to speak ill of Kenyans whom theyre enjoying good life courtesy of. Pride comes before a fall. And the fall is imminent. Even God resists the proud. And frankly I dunno what pride and arrogance is, if not what is articulated in this hateful song of kikuyu arrogance.Shame on you.Na mshindwe kabisa !

WTF is that for

There is actual tribe t
hatred btwn kambas and Kikuyus, stop whipping non existent issues

U will all die without us. Lol

Idiot…the brain is a muscle,use it or lose it.Kwani the song was a collabo by ALL kikuyus…idiot

lived in kiambaa. we never died when you left. land prices dropped so we bought more. but you guys suffer with no where to go. may be mukuwe squatters kwa kenyasa farms

Just work hard and ull be successful like them. No need to feel bad

U bought more land that is worthless now?! Hehe Ngojea we come buy back and make it more prime.

hu ujinga naulizaga mara mingi mna someaga wapi?how many KIYUKS have you seen in that video?
what do you mean when you say “you people???” pigwa kende ghasia hii…mikenya ingine kama wewe mna kuaga na ujinga sana,na eti you are the educated in your family!!!

@GeorginaMakena , I thought you are a mature woman with the ability to wash her Nyau clean!!! Damn,it seems you still need lessons to wash your panties big girl.First off,once you talk of your tribes evicting kikuyus from your land,I think thats over-rate.Don’t talk as if you own Kenya.The only thing you own is that borehole between your legs and even that;isn’t yours.To just prove hio nyau sio yako,imeosha rungu ngapi??? Anyway away from your filthy mud pot,Its not only Okuyus who have occupied land away from their native.So once you start thinking like a virgin in search of a small dick,you just dissapoint.You talk of evicting Okuyus,think of 2007…Kama hio wimbo sio poa,let the law take action!! Thinking of evicting a tribe just coz two guys wrote and sang a song is just so stupid.Those people don’t speak for okuyus!!! I thought masters itasaidia but ni kama ulienda ku-BJ malecturers na hakuna kitu wewe hushikanisha… In short your thoughts of evicting was just as a result if fear to think.Omega 3Tabs ni 3000ksh only.Schupit!!!

The song is in bad faith but don’t act ignorant the burning of lorries is politically motivated . The lorries could have bn detained and heavy fines imposed on the them but ngilu new very well the political temperatures are very high and she exploited the situation. The is the same person who recently called for women to be raped!!!