Kikuyu dowry-preneurs should see this.


Mahari nitawapa last born akiwa form four. Waende washtaki kule wanafikiria.

Hehehe. That’s the spirit

An elder told me that this is not usually a good thing and does not mean well. If for example, the father says he doesn’t want dowry and you are free to marry, run and don’t look back

Not true. Some people just bless you and wish you a good life together. I have seen it with a close relative.

Shifo I would be wary if I was that groom!


what are you saying is not true?

Your earlier reply

We can now afford to marry. The price just got down

It’s a great blessing for the boychild actually

People should avoid appearing to be “selling off” their daughters by placing a monetary or property value on the lady, because it causes a lot of problems for the couple. I would expect she would feel like she’s being pimped out to the husband at a fee. The man would also feel angry and extorted, and possibly blame her later for her perceived complicity in the matter. But in the same breath, a man seeking to get a wife should also be ready to offer something voluntarily as a token of his appreciation and a foundation of friendship between both families. If they decline it’s Ok, be thankful, lakini pia jipange na watu wako; usijibebe kuenda kwa wazazi wa msichana mikono tupu. Watakudharau sana.

Hii umeiba wapi Hadi umecrop blank Templar?

Hapa tu. :D:D:D

Hio mwanaume will not dare fcuk after such blessings my friend.

True. He must love and respect his wife after that gesture from the father in law

Sigwes lipa dowry.

Peleka mbuzi Kwa akina Bibi wacha uchoyo bwana

Why should I pay when I am upgrading someone’s life.

Hehehe. Waambie wakulipe basi