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[SIZE=7]Concern over increase of gay couples in Juja and Kiambu[/SIZE]
[li]Mt Kenya Star 15th Apr 2019 11:29:24 GMT +0300[/li][/ul]
[Photo: Courtesy]Juja Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Charles Mureithi has put on notice those practicing homosexuality in Darasha area, about 10 kilometres East of Juja town, saying the act will not be condoned in his area.

He said they are investigating claims of increase in homosexuals warning they will not allow a few people to paint the area in bad light.

The DCC said the country does not recognize gays warning that anyone found will be arrested and dealt with according to the law.

This comes after residents complained over increased number of gays in the remote part of the Sub County, some who have chosen to live as couples.

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Speaking during a security meeting in the area on Tuesday, the residents said they were scared that if the practice is not stopped, their young boys would be lured into sodomy.

They said they are scared to send their young boys to far places for fear that they may get sodomized.

Pastor Jackson Njoroge of the Empowering People Gods Ministry said despite holding meeting with youth in the area, the behaviour is still common.

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They wondered why such a practice was common despite the area having several young unmarried women.

Some attributed the rise in the vice to drug addiction and high unemployment rates making it difficult for the men to support their families.

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“We know a gay couple. They live a quiet life and mostly engage in farming. No one dares talk to them since they seem to always be under the influence of drugs,” he said.

“The practice is gaining prominence as more and more men are being lured into the act. We fear that we might lose an entire generation because who shall marry our young girls when our men concentrate on marrying each other, the government and the Church should intervene,” said the Pastor.

Kwa raha zao.

Serekali ndio imefunza watu serious shafting

Tunawajua pia wamejaa hapa.

That is a non-issue…Our priority as the people of Central Kenya should be to support the president as he develops the Kenyatta’s family business empire, his ‘brother’ Raila & the BBI.

MGTOW capital. (mashoga going their own way)

There were also complaints of Kericho residents being sodomized when they came from their drinking dens late at night. Am.not surprised @uwesmake moved there the other day.

As long as there is consent and both or three of those involved are over 18 years old, I think everyone should be allowed to fuck anyone they wan to fuck on any body part or hole, how many straights are chewing ass NKT.

Mungiki maze

So reason ‘unemployment rate and drugs’.
Iam scared siku Watu wataenda huko na alot of mbeca na kusema ‘anybody who will practice gaysm will be given 100k each’. Looking at Msapere na mbeca, 99% of people huko watakuwa wanavaa diepers!

I don’t support homosexuality but, why does it hurt when men practice. If it were girls it would be a non issue, and even sometimes viewed as cool.

This is a non-issue. Polisi wamemaliza insecurity huko kwanza?

You don’t move away from God and think everything will be okay. It has never happened and will never happen. But it’s not bad because most of them sodomites never procreate and so their bloodline ends with them. It’s God’s (nature’s) way of getting rid of devilish genetics

Haki mnaoneanga uncle kwanini?:smiley:

Most homsexuals begin their argument with the phrase “I dont support homosexuality”