Kikuyu bonobos who subdivide arable land into 1/8 acre plots should be killed

It’s worrying to see the good arable land being cut into plots. Zakayo should intervene and stop this nonsense

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Muthaiga, runda, karen, lavington, loresho etc were also coffee farms but were subdivided into 1/2 and 1/4 acre plots. So aanzie by dealing with the people wa huko.


@Tulivu_Properties typing and deleting :joy::joy: mnagusa omukate yake banae


Tulia, no one ha ever stopped an idea whose time had come.

:sweat_smile: unachoma bruh.


its a worrying trend. concrete jungles everywhere. kila mtu akibaki amesubdivide land nani atapanda chakula? we need land for farming

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It’s worrying to who? Kwani ni Yako?

There is enough farming land allover this country. We however need water for irrigation

The bad thing is that the land in fertile and rainy areas is the one being mutilated. Why can’t they go and do this in arid areas like NEP and Turkana?

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The land in fertile and rainy areas like kitale, endebess, keiyo, narok, moiben, Bungoma, timau, mwea, muhoroni/awendo etc which are the country’ grain basket for maize, wheat, rice isnt being mutilated. Land under tea huko limuru, kericho, nandi hills etc is all intact. Even the land in the semi arid areas which produce 80% of Kenya’s beef, goats and sheep meat are all intact, areas such as samburu, kajiado, laikipia, north eastern, baringo, kwale, taveta etc. Kenya has alot of land for food production. Therefore someone subdividing his 1 acre plot hapo Kangema Muranga, or ruaka kiambu has zero impact on the country’s food production.

Also note that land subdivision and change of use from agriculture/livestock only takes place in areas where the other economic activity makes more sense. So for example if you have a 1 acre land hapo ruaka instead of the land being under napier grass to feed 2 cows that give you 30 litres of milk (1,500 per day or 45,000 per month), you’d rather convert the land to a club and car wash that gives you 300,000 per month. Or turn the land to a petrol station and get 200,000 per month. Or put up flats on the land that will generate you 5,000,000 per month. Laking mtu ako kitale has no such option and therefore will continue growing maize on the land to get 30 bags per acre after 1 year ie 30 bags x 4000 per bag =income of 120,000 per year or 10,000 per month. As you can see the land that is not under farming is more productive, though the decision to farm or not will depend on the location of the land.


You truly have to be stupid if you don’t know why they can’t do that in arid areas in NEP or Turkana.

The new law says they’ll be charged land rates when less than 70% is agricultural land. So wanaingia town council cha lazima

Hatuwalimii maumbwa. We will import like everyone else

Funny how a simple comment can make one burst in laughter because of the meaning behind it. :green_emoji: