Kijiji under attack (Admin kumulikwa)

Unpin old threads , how long do we have to say this…

Nunulia membbers kambuzi

MTU akipost fake news aende Siberia 90 days

Na pia you buy for kapote for representing the pinkies with a million threads.
Kindrrey priss.

Wacha bangi… You can’t rival twitter

Digi.i K***ì will be the first casualty :smiley:

This is possible but everyone wants to be anonymous

allow pornography content. Make kusafisha macho content great again

Very possible, I did the pilot & only challenge I faced was media storage. It needs a very huge storage capacity but the need & demand is high especially for local language content

Natafuta backlinks for my new site banae. Any pointers

naona incel @SledgeHammer shakala ameongea huko vibaya

Niaje Miss.Chieth ?

Compete with nairaland, or jamii

Why ? Most of us are porn hub premium subscribers.

Sio lazima they meet. Itisha tu paybills za watu uwanunulie kanusu.

Kanusu * eeeh 30 ni 15k only.

Nilijiweka mwenyewe

fuck na nimeregister na email ya mathe…how can I change @administrator

Admin can read your inboxes and even could take control of and change anything on your handle/account if they wanted to. Too much power.


Ndio kuwasili mdau. That was not me