Kijiji under attack (Admin kumulikwa)


Nimepita pale reddit nikapata wanarusha diss about the village


How else will they send your confirmation?

@Idi Adnim unaona vyenye hizi ma bitter mail mgtow chyeth apa zinaharibia kijiji sifa uku inje?

:D:D:D “bitter people that [SIZE=5]love whores[/SIZE]

Apparently in the net ukikwara commitment umekua bitter

Watu wa kusafisha mecho Akina chifu Hawa a bahati

Lakini we are really paranoid:D

The two variables “commitment” and “bitter” are inversely correlated…:D:D

The endless fight between team planteshen and team mgtow kwa kijiji…:smiley:

@SledgeHammer alipigwa Sweep moto moto bila comeback akakunja mkia.
For fuvks sake this kijiji is friendly untill ulete ujuani mingi na urongo. Your stay here will be a living hell.

Yeah so? Do you think anyone actually cares about your email?
You could could always use a disposable one anyhow.

What should we do to make Kenyatalk rival twitter in Kenya?

Do not upset the status quo. We like it as it is. Kama hutosheki na shillingi mbili unaget uku ya adsense ingia mjengo.

Kwanza invest in a stable environment,should you get a traction your current servers cannot handle traffic.

rusheni za lunch, niko njaa saidi

DM Number. Changamka!

Right now we have stabilized everything, just scaling

Nitakuridisha Siberia

Start by Banning faggot content and limit Lanye content.

Sasa kama kutoa ancient pinned threads ni shida…wueeh !