Kijiji: Is This the Missing Ingredient Today?

Social media has been known to attract people of certain personalities. One of the standout traits of such people is neuroticism. In a forum where content is uncensored like KT, I’d like to think the most neurotic of social media users will thrive and multiply (read multi-handling).

Here’s my point. We all know social media capitalizes on the neurological reward system in our brains to keep us engaged. That’s why we have likes, points, vanity titles etc. My thinking is, Xenforo was exceptionally good at targeting and leveraging that to keep people coming back, it’s the main reason why prolific posters aren’t incentivized to keep creating content anymore!

People have been obsessed with likes to posts ratio since the Kijiji’s inception.

Certain posters we all know come to mind. We all remember @captain_obvious bragging about his likes to posts ratio.

Heck, even mods cared too.

I could add guys like @Azor_Ahai, @Sambamba here as well. They all bragged about their points at some point.

So, despite the shitty UI, frequent posters (and I don’t mean spam posters like @hakimoto, @Micymas, @Machoka_Senior etc) stand to gain almost nothing from their posts on here. Whether they refrain from posting consciously or otherwise, they no longer receive the rewards they were so often used to so it’s not surprising the new scoring system is a huge turn off for them.

Tack on that the fact that the @administrator (guy can’t even spell the name) is a dweeb who ignored the business side of running the site for his own personal pleasure as a dev. He went for a FOSS solution forgetting that there must have been some extensive thinking done behind the premium Xenforo.

I bet he’s somewhere scratching his balls right now, banging his head against the wall trying to find his way around the mess of Ruby spaghetti code he must have made by now.

Caveat: This is my opinion. I don’t even know why I’m including this disclaimer but let me just leave it here. This is not an attack on anyone. This is my truth from where I sit. Facts and and bit of speculation, like we all do.


I didn’t read the whole rant, but I agree with you that Xenforo is King.


I didn’t realize admin had shifted to FOSS forum soffware. And he seems to be using one called ‘Discourse’.
I know Xenforo isn’t cheap either, but surely Discourse being FOSS and all: admin could afford to add a few features, no?

He made the switch alright and even bragged about it here. He was so cocky, he had the guts to insult me for telling him Discourse is shit for a forum software. He deleted part of the exchange that’s why it’s hard to follow part of the chat below.

He was going on about how easy it is to manage things on his end, monetize the site bla bla bla. A trade-off that did make sense from a UI/UX point of view. I called him out and he decided to remove some of his nonchalant tripe.

I still maintain Discourse wasn’t the best choice. And he should have at least run it by us first.

@Ejlif is right in calling him a dweeb.


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Admin is just a selfish jerk.