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The elders and birrioneas [ATTACH=full]337700[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]337701[/ATTACH]of kijiji kama kina @uwesmake watafika bei?

The minute a bitch spells out terms and conditions like it’s some business deal miss me.
The sex is generally lousy and very unenergetic. Imagine buying a product on which the label is written “Don’t buy if you can’t afford bla bla bla…”
I wouldn’t even if I could afford it

Elders waljsema anybody on Tagged is some serious hoe wjoe difference with a regular hoe is technology. Pia kuna risk ya kukua catfished.

Siwezi lipa more punch

With such firm and juicy breasts that can only be[SIZE=6] [/SIZE][SIZE=7]@poyoloko[/SIZE] !!!

Ati services

Tagged is an online brothel

anataka ma ngapi?

100 USD.

I have dealt with such, utie blunder uende hyo coffee meet utaisha nguvu, the conservation is dry and bland.ur better off banging ur mama fua(some that are kitu 6)

Gentle reminder that her shit still stinks.

On a serious note though, you can do way better for less money.

Manze hapo inakaa ukweli. Mnashindwa mtaongelea nini. I wouldn’t pay anyone to take them on coffee. Hiyo ni desperation

Catfish. You’ll probably find the owner of those pictures uki reverse image search.

The most expensive couchie I’ve ever paid for turned out to be the smelliest and most loose couchie I’ve ever fucked.

Don’t ever overspend on pussy. K is always constant and you’ll always have options.

What makes her think she’s worth more? Is it the bleached skin, the classy photoshoots, the filters or the marketing channel she uses (which btw is free)?

All of the above…

Failed marketing. The basics are missing, an advert has to have AiDA
AWARENESS …clear product benefits, price and availability
INTEREST…interest in the product
DESIRE…make the prospect want to buy
ACTION. …purchase

FAke pics. Catfish account