Kijiji billionaires shuduren

[ATTACH=full]495923[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]495924[/ATTACH]All the sweat gone down the drain

Let them kill each other. greedy fakaz.

I knew their dad from my interactions with him in church. He owns that stretch of land behind safaripark hotel hadi USIU. This is quite sad.

Mwendazake angegawanya mali akiwa uhai,now his lifetime sweat will go to waste

Kwani they can’t share equally?

Zitakuliwa na wengineo,lawyers and those supporting the sons on either side

Hiyo kesi heri iende kotini, lawyers and administrators wakule proper for two decades with no end in sight, the yet to be born wakuje waone ufala ya wazazi wao.

What’s so hard in dividing equally, something that you haven’t worked for? [SIZE=2]must be their wives getting in their heads.[/SIZE]

That right there is the biggest problem. Idiots who haven’t sweated for anything can be very vicious.

Why don’t these tycoons divide their assets when they are alive?

Iyo titty ni smart

Ati kugawa mali ni kujipangia kifo…and other such beliefs

They will join their peers akina

Gerishon Kirima
Akamba Bus

Watoto wako na IQ kama za mende

A psychiatrist explained it this way. HARD time creates STRONG MEN and th opposite is true.

Hawa ni watoto walikuwa kwao kukiwa na Fridge iko na Wine, Whiskey, Sausages, beef, fish, chicken. Walikuwa na multiple house maids and Shamba boys. Kwao kulikua na more than 2 vehicles. Pocket money hata miaka ya 1980s, 1990s walikuwa wanahesabu in terms of thousands.

Most of them started experimenting with alcohol wakiwa Primo.

There is one guy called Solomon Kilanga. His dad was a Pilot and he grew up in the Leafy Suburbs. He dropped out of High School and became a drunk. He ended up becoming a Chokora in Eastleigh until he went to Rehab. Today he is a Motivational Speaker and he also runs a Rehab huko Ruiru. Jamaa used to Drink / spend tens of thousands per night.

Here is his story.

Why cant these idiots simply set up a trust?

mbona watu hawapendi kuandika will? Ukifika 70 gawa watoto mali ubaki na kidogo to sustain you as you wait to die

Watoto watatu peke yao na hawawezi elewana.

Story safi with lots of lessons. Worth listening.

I wonder the same. It’s pretty straight forward!

It is selfishness at it’s best. They don’t care what happens to anyone after they are gone.