Kijana Kama Wewe ni Incel, Work on Yourself, Stop Blaming Women for Your Weakness

What’s wrong with these spineless young men who now think women are enemies to be overcome rather than potential partners who’ll make life richer. Simping is putting women on a pedestal and allowing them to take advantage of you. Part of being a total man is only engaging women as equal partners who should bring something to the table. Being an incel is being a weakling who has nothing to offer and who no man or woman wants as a friend or partner. Kijana kama wewe ni incel, work on yourself, stop blaming and insulting women.

watu spineless ni mbegu mbaya enye haifai kwa society, na hakuna mwanamke afaa apatie wao tendo la ngono. Hawawezi defend society kukiwa na shida, wanalamba wanaume wenzao matako, sana sana wale matajiri kuwaliko. Mwanaume spineless ni kama Kalonzo na Polycarp Igathe na Johnson Sakaja na Kijana ya mwenda zake wakili mwenye akili Mutula Kilonzo. They do what other men tell them to do, whether they like it or not.

They should remain incels forever, mbegu yao mbaya iondoke kwa jamii.

Spot on! Vijanaa watafute kakitu sio kulialia hapa kila siku ati MPESA iko nģat kama @Jimit

Kama vile huwa unalamba ruto mwizi matako?:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

usiangalie kila kitu kwa miwani za siasa, ii ni topic serious.

Bradhe, you realize the guy is advocating for marriage. And you realize you’re the biggest opponent of the opposite of what he’s saying? Umekosa bundles adi ukashindwa kufikiria? Hujui uko side gani?


Nature is the master and has ways of cleaning itself. Incels, homosexuals and other weak men remove themselves from the gene pool of a community. Their DNA gets destroyed.
This is because women would rather steal an alpha male than breed with a incel or other defective men. Believe it or not there are single men hii Nairobi na vile ratio of women to men is almost 2 to 1.

Sani unajua umefuel gari la kalonzo na ukamjengea nyumba cha lazma? Na bado vile unamwita spineless umelipia watoto wake fees hao unasema hafai mbegu? Maisha ni magumu tu sana.

Huyu mjamaa anaita watu incel and yet he’s too pussy he blocked. Na mimi sikumfanyia kitu ata. Yeye na Mbuta na Tall Meffi are pussies who can’t even manage an anonymous online forum.

mzee unajua december iko karibu kufika na uko hapa ukiandika matheory fake fake za kabianga unifasete. will they know it’s christmas

Captain shoga my response imekuuma because you’re forever single and aging rapidly. Your failure in the dating game or sensitive feelings is not my problem

Come on man nimetoka kutomba mali swafii saa hii.

Now Go ahead, look at yourself and you compare yourself to the beautiful physique here on your screen and, forget about the looks, what about the money, huh? What about the moooney?! Uh-huh!

Married men be bitter. Trying to justify your marriages.

We are penniless, single, and enjoying fresh pussiess. Endeleeni kilipia wamama chama.

To each his own.

Hii yote ni mnyambo wa punda.

I do not think the concept of alpha male in the human species is about simple mating acts. In fact, the species encourages breeding of more follower type than it does leader type. This pattern is essential for the survival of the species. Nature does not encourage survival of individuals, but only encourages survival of groups/species. If nature were to encourage traits such as those found in Hitler, kimathi waciuri, Julius caesar, socrates, etc, it would run down the species. It would be foolish to think that in a population of 1000 people, most are children of alpha males. Alpha males are few, and they give each other a wide berth, failure to which conflict and casualties occur. Cooperation is an essential thing in the closely knit human society. The complacent type of man breeds alot and that is the most common in population. The other more independent type spends more energy in industry and leadership.

Niaje mbitika. Si uniskumie job ya kuosha floor hapo kwa offisi:D

:smiley: it is not my fault uko hivi. But keep trying I know you will succeed

Kazi mzuri sana finish him.

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