Kijana atengeneza helikopta nyerii

meanwhile kenya tv enabling stupidity…

Nugu moja ya izi za kuharibia ndege jina inafaa pia ikurishwe copper huu upumbavu upungue

Engine ni ya lawn mower :smiley:
Anyway compared to his ancestors from 100 years ago he’s like Neil Armstrong.

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Wewe shoga mkuu takataka kaa kando

how does making a helicopter help his society? si atengeze ata posho mill?

mpaka kijana amenunua nguo za pairot.


ni kukula unapenda. ukishashiba hautataka kusafiri?

Hating on a kid…

acha aseme he is passionate about planes. kutengeneza iyo shit calls for years of aviation experience. ata those that fly homemade planes are veterans. jamaa anatuwastia time apa

kula dawa ya mende wewe sina wakati

It’s painful watching a 25yr old in this clip

Kijana apewe BBI asome, akimaliza apewe wheelbarrow yake

engine ya power-saw check, scrap metal check, mguu ya wheelbarrow check …now he’s confused what to do next

What exactly is his end game? Suppose it flies, what next? Commercial production?

meanwhile chinese farmers make helicopters from bike parts and they actually fly

that camera guy and the inventor are lucky they did not get their heads chopped off

jeshi ya mathira inachoma hapa

never ask an idler why he is doing something, you will end up doing it,

Again, Morris Mbetsa built a working passenger drone— did a actual flight even… But never got as much coverage from mainstream media as these mediocre hobbyists.