Kīfe wins an award in Seuth Efrika

Strange and funny coz it’s like the audience never heard of this kneegro.

Dead quiet and no applause.
Or maybe the realise his bullshit and disagree with the outcome…

Be the judge

Say this and let it sink in: Most influential doesn’t mean tiktok influential.
They are people with lots of impact on society and they usually have a large number of silent-cult like followers.
The only class that hates kibe is the pussified group and feminists.


Congratulations to him, he deserves it. Amechanua boy child sana, no wonder feminazi keep trying to cancel him hapo TikTok


He has a handle here @Azor_Ahai

@MikeOcksmal utasema aje na vile uko na bile na huyo boy wetu kiberenge.

Social media star? Really? There’s an ‘award’ for being a ‘social media star’…? :green_emoji:

Kevin Hart Ok GIF by NBA

@MikeOcksmal kuja uone vile boy wako anatesa…