Kienyeji za Instagram. Pure metal
Benz. 560 Sec

Some of this cars sio mchezo to maintain unless you are an enthusiast kama @introvert otherwise you should have the mechanic as one of your favorite contact or have the passenger seat reserved for him.

Has the guy who was racing through Western Kenya in a Nissan Note been seen around today or…?

Cars are good for a man.

Was spotted alive this morning posting about the a DMAX .

mbona hakuna ford kama hizi hapa

Uliza Sumra…

Ford mustang for many years imekuwa left hand drive exclusively for the american market, due to the big petrol engines. Mtuba hakuna rhd less than 8 years. Juzi tu ndio wameweka rhd with a small 3000cc engine is available locally brand new from the dealer at crazy prices. Almost 6m. There is one 1970s model ian Duncan used to race with but is owned by an old settler family. Google it.

Mustang that are available in rhd either have a 2300cc turbo or a 5000cc N.A v8

Golden oldies


Hizi ni takataka

Yeah, niliona. Wanaiuza 8m.

Munufii uyu