Kienyeji ya mashemeji

Kuna kauongonjwa flani hua Kanashika men from Western, all the way to Nyanza. At some point, They go through a phase in life where they get trapped in a vicious cycle of infatuation with women from the mountain. Some say it’s the light skin that the daughters of Mumbi have while others purport it to be in their alluring faces. As a casualty myself, I really cannot pinpoint what it is with these womens have over us, but so many a times I’ve ignored a humble, “Wife material” Nafula for a kunguru Njoki. These womens have their flaws, which we all know, and yet they don’t have to be the sharpest tools in the shed to cause damage to a fully grown man from the cane-growing regions of Butere Mumias.

We can take for instance @rexxsimba 's latest post on Njoki Murira ( ) .

This AFC Leopards and Big 5 animal supporter, is obsessed with her skinny ass such that a day hardly goes by without him glorifying her with 1-megapixel substandard photos, but we understand his situeshen, that bug bit him, and its nearly impossible to shake it off without some serious religious activities that border on exorcism.

Good thing is, We settle with our vienyejis. Hata Wajaka hua wanasumbuana na shiney for some time, but settle with their own. The following Pics are for reference and research purposes only.




There is more from where those came from.

Mattercore ya mountain ni rahisi kupanua than ya western


Mnakula uchafu jameni!

Hii lanye iko on the left ilienda wapi? Was among zile nilikulanga za kwanza at Good Hope

Hio kitambi yake uliinua Dio uone coomer ama uliifanyiani ?

Good Hope kwisha. We shall miss it.