Kienyeji or urban woman hypergamy is hypergamy

Whether a lady is kienyeji shags modo or urban hypergamy will still take it’s toll, a modern edgy simp marrying a kienyeji won’t cushion the poor man from the reality of hypergamy, all women are like that, hypergamy seeks a leader, masculine mindset, a woman is bound to respect a man with power and if this kienyeji gal ends up with an indomie feminine urban man this kienyeji will find the man unattractive and her hypergamous nature will take it’s course, being edgy or wealthy will never cushion a man from hypergamy. When it comes to marriage my take…all women are prone to monkey branch, the cock carousel Is a known reality…hata vienyejis hates simps,
Reality from a spiritual point of view humanity is fallen and you cannot expect faithfulness from a fallen creature…the whole world is dirty from the pulpits to the secular world sex runs the world

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