kienyeji in this video

sijai feel ivi, na si mapenzi,but nikiiona hii pic, nasneez, kuongea mob, kupeana pesa ovyo na ku yawn. but kama una no yake niokolee tafadhari…hii na *hic huc hac DFHKM waislamu wakicelebrate idd

You must be horny.fisilets saidieni.

Was with my pips on sunday at our locals.Kidogo one of my pals who new in saw this beautiful lass who came with his jamaa.The chic ndio ni msupa lakini my pal was all over ametoa his fisi mode.Ati he wanted to katia mpaka akachizi,ati manze aki i can do anything to get her(mpaka he forgot he had to fika digs coz wife ameleta shida…) Dude left but huyu dame i see her as just a kawa chic,nothing to write about.Her Beauty is just overrated coz hardware ako nayo lakini software hakuna since shes just a danda head.Whats wrong with guys wen they see hot chics??

Love music big time but such clips wont allow me watch a single song at home with grown up kids.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dtha friend of yours is different case. there is one girl who just simply appears in your life, actually bali na life yako maybe umemwona somewhere passing but suddenly you are attracted to her like sins. ukiuliza mtu atakupea same story tu- lazima ajitetee ati amemlike baya.

Ni Uzee imenishika+ my pal is in his mid 40s & bado ako na hii tabia ya ufisi.Was like that before staring,ogling at beautiful damsels hata kukatia ilikuwa shida.Realised if u get a fly chic whos got beauty & brains i.e ako na tabia mzuri n shes digging 4u ten u have hit a GOLDMINE!!like one social media dating guru said " look for a chic who can stimulate your two Ms i.e your mind & your MEMBER!!

there is always someone for everyone , when i find people in love i respect that , probably to you they might seem incompatible or you might wonder y this guy fell for this lady or the inverse, but thats life anyway.

You haven’t met photoshop