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Tafuta ule sio mrembo sana na uondoke naye, Pastor James Nganga advised his male congregants who are single…
“Ukitafuta mrembo sana, mtang’ang’ana na wanaume. Tafuta ule wa marks kama 10/100, okay 15/100,”
Apostle James Maina Nganga

Pastor Ng’ang’a has urged men to consider marrying unattractive women, which also helps avoid competition from other men.
The man of God also said the lady should be nearly the same age as the man.
He insisted any woman whose beauty score was 10/100, was perfect for a man to consider for marriage.

uyo dem ni mrembo.

Ata Kama sura ni ya pastor ng’ang’a , I approve the milk shakers and the mattercore.
Verdict ; cover that face ,fire the damn base.

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