Kieleweke saa hii

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But its still important to have such incase of emergencies! Does it have to be made into law for anybody to just take caution?

You don’t need to be compelled to common sense

@admin you know what you told me: Out of topic.
So can you do the needful nigga

Shida yako ni kuwa kimenyi

Baada ya kusnitch pinduka ufirwe ka mama

Schoopid hairy shape shifting NV diep ogwal.

This generation of Kenyans don’t make sense, ni kelele tu. Why do you need government to compelled you to do things that will help you. Having a fire extinguisher, first aid kit should be in a car, office and home with or without any law. Then towing cable, and other accessories that helps a driver in any breakdown should be a must to help you.

did you know there are limitations to a civilian helping an accident victim,unless a registered nurse or practitioner? so,having a first aid kit means deek in an accident unless ujitreat

Well, put another way it can help YOU and your loved ones that is for basic first aid.

Things every bloke should treat as necessary! Not like you will buy them everyday.

Lakini hauta epuka triangle…

Limitations my foot. Brace humanity first, fuck the rules. You can save a life by doing a simple act of kindness, further more, this is not the US where ER gets to a scene in minutes. Many a times in Kenya, accident victims survive due to acts of kindness from non-medivacs. Yes I agree, the wrong handling of such victims can end their lives but well, the reverse has the same weight
Beba kit ata kama iko na panadols, unaezwa patwa na hangy and u need to drive back to your caccoon.

Make this boy an elder with immediate effect, I will personally foot the bill

nyinyi watu wa kuabuse painkillers ndio hutusumbua na ulcers

I have laughed out loud. Honestly.

urisa @Luther12

they too fall under the limitations,so,again,it’s deek having a first aid kit,labda ujichome na maji ya radiator

Get it staright you ass brain,sijasema usisaidie ,i said kuna set rules you useless baboon.You must be a special kind of idiot…i clap for your idiosyncrasy.You are the same kind of tools that put up sticks in people mouths when they have fits yet its common knowledge that you let the fit run through,but how would you know “common knowledge” even if it slapped you in the face…again,i clap for you

And liver problems.