Kids outdo Ruto in Giving

Is it that $10000 is a little amount of money in USA or these kids have generally figured out how to easily make a lot of money that they can easily give out this amount for just pranks? This is not the first time i am seeing them disposing a lot of money as such.

It’s youtube money, people make a lot of money

That video alone has over 3 million views. If you consider Adsense, plus Patreon contributions, merch sales, affiliate earnings, and product placement, they earned several times more than that $10,000.

And how much do you make from recruitment of prepubescant boys at your cyber into that gayy club of yours?

How much did your god ruto gave?

are you accusing Andrew kibe of sex trafficking?

The average is 500$ per 100k views I suppose…3M views is a cool 1.5M ksh

Yes, even here on Ktalk he has set up various handles which he uses to target other talkers. His last handle was @Kimakia


He even derives joy from his activities. It’s quite sad.

the hardest work is poorly paid and vise versa.

Those mzungus know how to make money. Mtois below ave are writing code