Kids of prostitutes

One of the most asked questions in reddit… .made me wanna know the perspective of kids of kenyan prostitutes



What I want is the kenyan perspective… stop focusing on other races

@Fixer mtoto wa malaya sugu kuja uandike insha na ile kizungu yako pretentious

Mende ii

Yaani I can’t talk Bila kutusiwa? Wewe ni mtu wa congo forest au nini

I’m a pure blood Kenyan native warriah

You don’t belong here… unless you are cushitic. Nilotes came from sudan, bantus from congo and cameroon… we sàw you mkikuja. Na hatujasahau

:smiley: Lamba mcoondu ya Kenya you dirty ass Somali

Usinionyeshe meno… I am a man, note the blue handle

Sawa chukua iyo Somali mende :cool:

So you tryna look cool in shades ndo nikupende au?

Dude, why are u so inappropriate

How so?
Wee ni msenge bana

@T.Vercetti is in a better position to answer this. He is a son of a retired Okuyu prostitute and he was born as a result of his mother’s escapades and of course after surviving four bouts of backstreet abortions. Sad that his lack of a father figure in life made him follow the path of his mother. He now sells his mkundu for obvious reasons and will certainly die of a kamdudu, if not some deadly strains of STDs. Prostitution genes in his family is not only strong and well spread but also generational and will most likely pass down to his offsprings.

somali cockroach tafuta @T.Vercetti akujibu since yeye ni mtoto wa malaya na baba yake alikuwa homosexual bottom