Kidney Snatchers & Affordable Medical Services in India

I Just read an article about the arrest of a Kidney smuggling ring involving Africans and Indians in Bengaluru Ingia.
Esene Lovely from [SIZE=7]Nigeria[/SIZE]; Mohamed Ahmed Ismail and M Faisal from Sudan; Hirendra and Jatin Kumar from Tripura; and Kami Ranjan from Bangalore

  • Nigeria doesn’t need any introduction where scamming and kidnapping is involved. I would be surprised if a Nigerian wast on the list.
  • India : The Indians arrested have got to be the contacts in India to link to Rogue doctors who store and transplant kidneys without caring for where they came from.
  • Sudan : There have been cases reported of Eritrean, Somali and Ethiopian Migrants being Kidnapped in the deserts of Sudan and the Sinai by Rashaida and Bedouin Arabs and their Kidneys plucked from them after which they would be left to die in the desert.

Again, there is more to the tale of “[SIZE=6]Affordable Medicare In India[/SIZE]”
Watch out, take care of your kidney bredrin.