kidnappings are increasing...

dci wacheze kama wao , this is crazy… white jesus christ !

I’ve reported that video…people shouldn’t use such horrifying incidents to seek views/subscribers

Unapata DCI wenyewe ndio kidnappers.

Kenya is a funny country. If it was another country, a task force would have been formed to handle this nonsense.

This is a major issue in Nigeria and now on the rise in Kenya. It must be nipped in the bud.

Our law enforcers can easily track these thugs and rescue the lady.

kidnappings were rife late 90s early 2000s as people were still adjusting to m-commerce, using mobile phones for business. then economy was in very poor shape, effect of unofficial sanctions and austerity measures. This is what kidnappers were into, mobile lines were anonymous as the major telcoms were competing for subscribers. kilio cha raia forced cid to set up liaison offices in telkoms and they set up mobile anti-kidnap squads, they would get coordinates and swoop in on unsuspecting kidnappers and then a ‘shoot-out’ would ensue. this convinced most crooks kidapping was not worth the effort. the new wave, can it be juxtaposed on covid economic downturn, all those jobless waiters and bouncers? then there is overcrowding in cities, you brush with random strangers even in your nearest kiosk. if police are involved then it is most likely in collusion with civilian thugs. Nigerian kidnapping - that must be scapegoating. to kidnap you need good knowledge of terrain, foreigners can easily fukc up. anyway, this is going to end up badly for some pple

If it was uploaded on YouTube, then that means the kidnappers used a Google account. An account that can easily be traced through the IP addresses used to log in and out. An account that may have been opened with a phone number. These are the areas they should be looking at .

That video was shared widely especially on whatsapp and Telegram. The person who uploaded it to YouTube is just looking for views for their channel, that will be a dead end.

im more concerned about that lady than the video circulating…