Kidero's student on how to deal with embarrassment


teasing ni embarrassment? #KichwakamaContaineryaMeno


damn, not cool man

Jamaa ataua bibi siku moja.

He is setting the record straight from the beginning. He is in charge and what he says goes.

He is being an asshole from day one just like you who is supporting him

I am supporting him? :smiley:
I am drawing parallels to what Kidero did to Shebesh. Slap moto moto.
You seem agitated. Relax

Furk that small penised idiot piece of shit. And it doesn’t look like it’s the first time it’s happening.

Aki akafanyia sistangu hivyo naumiza yeye.

Why is the woman on twitter talking about white foreigners, mbona sio black ama Chinese. Gold digger.

Why are they even getting married?
The woman is receiving that cake like she is being forced to be there.

Hiyo calmness on her family imenishangaza. Maybe the grooms family is wealthy and it controls the only factory in their remote rural community. I have found that in every rural community there is usually that family that seems to control things

Looks to me like zile forced marriages where the las is uncooperative and the mazafaka gets pissed off. Akafanyia daughter wa mzee Njoro aka sistangu ivo, nakalia yeye adi a burst. Ghasia yeye

I agree if you have to be physical with a woman then you are weak. If i can’t have control by word, rule or respect then that’s not a relationship for me.

Lay the ground rules and boundaries on day one ground zero. Hip! Hip! To the mboyshaud? Hoooouuuuraaah!

…must be an alpha male!

Looks like a mail-order bride, mambo ya Europe na Asia.

this was in the caucus region

What is here to be celebrated mujamaa. That niccar is as thick as binjwa scrotum

Huyo mwanaume hatakangi waana. Ndahakagwo macûrû.