Kidero Made His Move Yesterday After Losing Appeal To Be Governor...Blessed?

[SIZE=7]Millicent Omanga at Interior, Itumbi at ICT as Ruto nominates 50 CASs[/SIZE]
Thursday, March 16, 2023

From left: Millicent Omanga, Denis Itumbi, Evans Kidero and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru. They are among President William Ruto’s CAS nominees.

Ruto on Thursday, March 16, unveiled the final list of appointees for the Chief Administrative Secretary positions.

Millicent Omanga was appointed as Interior CAS, while Cate Waruguru was in the Foreign Affairs docket. Other names include Wilson Sossion, Kimani Ngunjiri, Dennis Itumbi, Margaret Wanjiru, and Evans Kidero.

Full List

Office of the Deputy President
President William Appointed Millicent Omanga as Interior CAS

Ann Wanjiku Mwangi

Nicholas Ngabiya Rioba
Edwin Sudi Wandabusi
Ministry of Interior & National Administration
Samuel Kuntai Tunai
Millicent Nyaboke Omanga
Mohamud Ali Saleh

Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary
President William Appointed Isaac Mwaura as CAS

Sharif Athman Ali
Isaac Mwaura Maigua
Rehema Hassan
Ministry of Education
Elly Stephen Loldepe

Mark Lomunokol
Anab Mohamed Gure
Ministry of Defence
President William Appointed Charles Njagua as CAS

Alfred Agoi Masadia
The National Treasury & Economic Planning
Kirui Joseph Limo
Beatrice Nkatha Nyaga
Ministry of Energy & Petroleum
Mary Yaine Seneta
John Lodepe Nakara
Ministry of Labour & Social Protection
Elijah Gitonga Rintaugu
Ministry of Foreign & Diaspora Affairs
President William Appointed Catherine Waruguru as CAS

Joash Arthur Maangi
Catherine Waruguru
Ministry of Public Service, Gender & Affirmative Action
Hussein Tuneya Dado
Charity Nancy Nanyama Kibaba
Ministry of Roads & Transport
President William Appointed Kimani Ngunjiri as CAS

Benjamin Jomo Washiali
Nicholas Gumbo
Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing & Urban Development
Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri
Victor Kioko Munyaka
Ministry of Information, Communications & The Digital Economy
President William Appointed Dennis Itumbi as CAS

Denis Njue Itumbi
Simon Mwangi Kamau
Ministry of Health
James Kimanthi Mbaluka
Khatib Abdallah Mwashetani
Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Development
Jackson Kiptanui
Daniel Wamahiu Kiongo
Ministry of Investments, Trade & Industry
President William Appointed Evans Kidero as CAS

Evans Odhiambo Kidero
Vincent Kemosi Mogaka
Lilian Cheptoo Tomitom
Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts & Sports
Wesley Korir
Charles Njagua Kanyi
Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Forestry
Jackline Mwenesi Lukalo
Nyaga John Muchiri
Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Heritage
President William Appointed Wilson Sossion as CAS

Wilson Sossion
Rehema Dida Jaldesa
Ministry of Water, Sanitation & Irrigation
Chrisantus Wamalwa
Sunya Orre
Ministry of Co-Operatives & Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises Development (MSMEs)
President William Appointed Margaret Wanjiru as CAS

(Bishop) Margaret Wanjiru
Amos Chege Mugo
Ministry of East African Community (EAC), The ASALS & Regional Development
Mwanamaka Amani Mabruki
Rael Chebichii Lelei
Ministry of Mining, Blue Economy & Maritime Affairs
David Kipkorir Kiplagat
Fredrick Otieno Outa
The State Law Office
Allan Kibet Kosgey

The nominations follow a list of 240 candidates who had been shortlisted for the President after the conclusion of interviews.

The list also featured Azimio rebels who pledged their loyalty to Ruto after the August 2022 polls.

These include former Kisii governor James Ongwae and his deputy Joash Maangi, former Kisumu Senator Fred Outa and The United Democratic Movement (UDM) candidate for Siaya gubernatorial race, Nicholas Gumbo, former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.

Other poll losers shortlisted for CAS positions include Dennitah Ghati (Migori), former Emgwen MP Alex Kosgey, Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati), Isaac Mwaura (former nominated senator), Adelina Mwau (Makueni), Rehema Jaldesa (Isiolo), Victor Munyaka, Victor Kemosi and Christopher Lang’at (Bomet).

Former KTN News presenter Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Lindah Ogutu Atieno and former Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) presenter Bonnie Musambi were also included.

Out of the 240 shortlisted candidates, only 22 were chosen. The interviews began on March 2, 2023, and concluded on March 7, 2023.

So Purity Ngirici ndio aliuma nje

Wacha nikule omanga mkia nikue kwa office of CAS spouse

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Yaani ni kama madharau bana. Kimani ngunjiri na kesi zake za wizi wa mashamba alafu hes appointed Lands CAS? Ni ujinga jsks anatubeba!!!



hapa ruto ametubeba ufala sana. But for the country to prosper, government must be big.

The State Law Office
Allan Kibet Kosgey

Kijana ya Henry Kosgey, Allan is a brilliant lawyer. Huyu deserves that position based on merit.

Cate waruguru hangekosa yaani

why do Talkers watu wa Degree za STEM keep quoting TUKOchieth news as a credible source , mara wameandika 50 appointed mara 22 appointed mara 240 shortlisted . mara Chidzuga , Linda Ogutu included , zero flow to the news .

Ni kama they have employed class 2 dropout @PHARMACY to write their articles, you finish reading being more confused than you started

lazima apange mechi ya 2027, Ruto si RAO akipata power kidogo anakuruka futi tisa vile alifanya Weta na MDVD :D:D:D:D ati hata kiti ya minority leader lazima umlambe rasa . mara pesa ya political parties akupatie 2 bob :D:D:D .

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RAO ni ngatiii

Hapo atakua very powerless…kuna wenyewe hapo

Isn’t that the position every CAS faces?

The guys are not there for power, bro…Ni saa ya kukula mali ya serikali tu…

Ruto completed the creation of what is the most bloated Executive in Kenya’s recent history, which is expected to gobble up Sh13.2 billion in five years, even as intrigues surrounding the appointment of 50 chief administrative secretaries (CASs) emerged…

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