Kidero linked to 8 billion City Hall theft

Huyu jamaa ana ulafi ingine too much as for Webtribe folks watachunishwa kales:D:D[ATTACH=full]274549[/ATTACH]

mark my words, utaona jaluo zote mawakili wakienda kutetea huyu jamaa

Rumor has it that this guy was top student in his year in Mang’u High School. If that’s true, then we can just keep voting the Sonkos and Waititus of the day coz the educated have shown that they are worse.

If theres one man Kenya needs to jail, its this dude. Give him 15-20 years. And then repossess everything he owns due to tax evasion. That will send a clear message.

Yani jamaa is not the gavana…but still control influence??? Aaaai! Kenya tulirogwa

Huyu ghassia should be hanged he killed Mumias then Nairobi county .

Huyu omwami alishaft county bila lube

Who cares, all Kidero needs to do is to meet RAT pay a 300 million then go to kibichoo pay another 300 million and lastly go to dcj mwilu and pay another 300 million and he is home free. There are only two people he can’t bribe. EACC and OPP heads. The rest he just needs to sing BBI and support brothers to make sure his file remains at the bottom of the pile.

Not the top student. Rather, Mangu files show he was the head prefect. He was quite average academically, marginally a bully, and a top notch hustler. Such minor to moderately useful details emerged when DCI was probing his past. Also he was a top womanizer both at UoN and at Mumias. The lunjes around Mumias would say “Nimemchapa kidero mbili” for “nimeosha rungu mara mbili

One thing s as clear as the sun. Kidero is NOT going to jail. Jamaaz is well connected, stone sober, heavily loaded and smoother than silk. He could dish out 100 million each to all the supreme court judges, the DPP, head of DCI, Matiangi and Kibicho; and still have change to wine and dance at Windsor

Just another mwizi that will never go to prison because we have corrupt judges in every level of the justice system

Na sonko is being implicated for 350m… Kidesh alidishi over 30b na anAdoze muthaiga

Kenya is a shįt hole kweli if these people are still roaming freely in the society

Could that be the reason almost all personalities around ruto are corrupt?

Oooh he won’t need to bribe Ruto or his acolytes?!

No one needs Ruto’s help sio?

Endeleeni kudanganya watu.

Na ile story ya Arorr na Kimwerer ilikufa tu vwap!! Na hapa tunaambiwa vile Ruto is clean as a newly born lamb.

Clean as a fresh sheet of snow atop the ground.

And we are lead to believe ati Ruto has no connect in the supreme court at all, at all!!

And he has no association or acquiantance of the Luo variety whatsoever. Kwani he will lead Kalenjins only if he wins?

But Ni story ya July

Ilifika wapi?