Kicked out of matrimonial home after 28 years of marriage

When you are warned, you don’t listen. Mwanaume sio mamako. Mwanaume ni hasidi na hasidi hana sababu. Never forget that you are living with a venomous snake. Don’t do any joint investment and have your own shit.

Kwani shmba ni yake? Kama hakununua hiyo shamba akwende

Kabla ufanye maamuzi hapa, ni poa kusikia both sides, labda the husband akona file yake pia ya 2GBs

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A man suspected the wife was cheating, installed a nanny cam and got the evidence and kicked her out. Without revealing that he had evidence. Woman went to her shagz cooked up a story and a reconciliation meeting was called. Needless to say when the evidence was played she kept quiet and the husband had to go look for miji miji with the blessings of the wives family.