Kichwa ya Simu

Am looking for a wall-mounted telephone thingy that can take a safaricom/airtel simcard. Kama zile zilikua za telecom fixed fixed wireless.
Do such exist, and if they do, where can I get one, and at how much?

They do and they are called GSM routers/gateways and cost anything between 8-20k depending on the make and model. These guys have them

They do exist, but I thought birrioneas don’t consider petty cost?

NV has spoken sense for the first time

I am not sure this is what am looking for. it is like this. Am tired of my kids losing mobile phones which i keep in the house. I want a thing to mount on the wall na niweke SIM so that i can call them or they can call me from home. I think a router/gateway is a PABX sort of, sio?

I want to send my driver, lakini sina idea how much i need to give him.


Umesahau kitu, alaf wapigie @Fisi pia

Saidieni mimi, hapana make jokes. The problem is that they keep losing the phone, or worse still they sneak it to school.

[ATTACH=full]47954[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]47955[/ATTACH] Sth of this type?

@aviator, its not a PABX, its a rather small gadget that contains the sim card and then is connected to a regular desk phone/wall mountable handset. An example is the Huawei B932 which costs 10k thereabouts or the Huawei flybox which Orange sells at 9k. Talk to Corrington they are the experts and they will advise you best.

Thanks. The one on the right. Nimeambiwo inaitwo GSM Deskphone.

Thanks. I have seen it on OLX. Goes for 6k. it is called GSM Deskphone.

i have easygate gsm router at 19k …holla

Huawei fixed GSM desktop @5000/-

Safaricom shop 4999/-

Ctaki router. nataka hii hapa chini.


Visit any safcom shop they have them in stock

Unataka kuweka simu ya Jamii Kwa nyumba

Simu ya jamii hulipishwa. Hii hailipishwi.

Ndio mboch asidanganye ako home kumbe anapigwa mti Kwa boyfriend. I know why u want that phone

You allow children to take phone to school ? You don’t need a sleeper Make use if PPR pipe