Kichapo. (Short Hekaya)

I used to visit my aunt on school holidays when I was in campus. One holiday I had a date with this lady that had driven me crazy for the a while.

The day came and I borrowed my aunt’s corolla for the date. I picked up the lady,went for the date and it was okay. I didn’t bang her because then, I didn’t believe in sex on the first date. Around 4 we left the joint and I drove her home. She was in form four so I didn’t want her to get home late.

Kenyan traffic being unpredictable, we spent almost an hour in the jam. I had to drive fast to arrive before it got dark. Leaving the main road we joined a dirt road leading to her home. I zoomed past a group of men leaving them in a cloud of dust. I heard them cursing but I didn’t pay attention.

I parked kwa gate ya kwao, nikatoa seatbelt, pulled the lady towards me and kissed her. We talked for a while and as I was going for a goodbye kiss, a sharp blow at the back of my head interrupted me.

Powerful hands pulled me by the collar out of the vehicle through the window. I fell down and that’s when I saw my attacker. A short fat dude.Obviously drunk because his breath reeked of beer. He got on top of me and started punching me on the face. I was stunned. I heard the lady screaming and I heard my attacker say “Thie nyùmba Njambi nítùkuonana. Ujìrire wathie kùù?”(Enda kwa nyumba Njambi. Uliniambia umeenda wapi) Njambi na yeye was like "Daddy tigana nake!"That’s when I knew my attacher was her dad. Nearby were four men watching. Kumbe it was the men that I had passed before.

I came back to my senses, jabbed a finger into the guy’s eye and threw him off me. I got up threw a punched but I missed his head by inches. Being a light guy then niliwekwa sweep nikajipata chini. Before he could continue attacking me the other men interfered and pulled him away from me.

He told me to never see his daughter again. His main issue with me was my driving. He told me if I have a death wish niachane na bintiye. In fact. He told me nisiwai onekana Limuru. For Njambi, she later told me alionwa vita iyo siku mbaya sana. Kwanza for lying that she was going to visit her aunt.

Since then I ensure windows are up, doors locked and the coast is clear when dropping my dates home. Just in case a furious dad is lurking nearby.


I’m sure you a have a bone that was broken but didn’t set up/ heal properly.
An X-ray image would go a long way in getting us to fully empathise with you.




wewe ulikuwa umeenda kupeleka uchokozii kwa wazee wa heshima l can sense mtaa ni gani :cool::smiley:

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Hako kamzee ni kajinga sana.
I just can’t imagine how shocked and surprised you were from the attack. One moment you are kissing the next moment you are lying on the ground receiving kichapo cha mbwa

I was stunned. I wasn’t even feeling pain during the whole ordeal. That night ndio kauchungu kalinishika vizuri.


In short haukua Chapa hizi vitu but ukapigwa, looser

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In the end ulikamua ama haukukamua? Your story ends prematurely.

Best revenge ni kuweka msichana wake mimba aishi aki kumbuka wewe

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You never really think through your revenge schemes,do you?


I always think around them and huwa nataka iwe na lasting impact to serve as a retribution and deterrence to others with similar motives

So in this case , you end up paying upkeep for a child you never wanted? (I want to believe you are not one of those dads who abandon their kids)

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