I sympathise with the guy , I witnessed hizo recruitment,msee alikua na kitabi although short hizo mbwa zilimake sure wamemkimbiza zile laps mpaka kitabi ikarudi side moja yet they disqualified him eventually out of height na they knew we’ll hawatamchukua. The officer in American homosexual army is better than a kdf officer whose bullet proof jacket while fighting alshabab is a Manchester city t-shirt


They used to have blinking test. The instructor tells you left, you blinks left eye. Right, you blink right eye. Alafu left, right, L, R,R,L,L then he steps ups the speed to 200 blinks per minute. LLRRLLRRR…My cousin went there and failed apo.


I love to hear the funny excuses wasee huambiwa to get disqualified. Mwingine nasikia alishinda kila mtu kwa zile laps wao hupigishwa…akaambiwa jeshi is not for him labda ajaribu Olympics :green_emoji: watu fakin sana. I think wanakuwanga washa chagua behind the scenes through hongo. The rest ni for the show only




why anyone would want to join any “disciplined” formation is beyond me.


Situeshen huku inje sometimes haikupeangi options.


Tamu sana.

US and UK have alot of military openings for Kenyans. Lakini Zakayo will not tell Kenyans for unfounded fear of making them big headed.


Ataekwa frontline anyoroshwe

nilikuwa nataka NIS ikakataa kapisa, nikasikia mbaya saidi.

Ilikuwaje juu hawafanya adverts Iko mtu ulitegemea akakuangusha

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Mtu hujoin aje NIS

Rahisi sana.

Don’t queue on the material day, seal it prior.

My first training( just for fun) was navy. Nilikua Nahodha for a very short time though nilifika ufuoni wa Somalia na Unguja.

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I think you would say the same thing if I told you that they would fail you if you had brown teeth . Or wrong dental formula. Or your bones were not straight eg knocked kneed or bow legged.

Hold on, are you NCO or CO?

Being knock kneed or bow legged is logical grounds for disqualification; having brown teeth or irregular teeth, maybe not.

I see you skipped dental formula.
Kenya has not always been logical. Thank your gods for the amolo family.

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None Senior.